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Subject: Re: [dpdk-web] update of ecosystem page
Date: Thu, 10 Dec 2020 11:18:57 +0800	[thread overview]
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> Any conclusion about TLDKv2?

Was trying to find some time to rebase, but failed to finish it so far.

> I think we'll go with the general link to TLDK.
> Anyway, TLDKv2 should be merged in the main branch when ready, right?

+1, we can move on with this.


From:Thomas Monjalon <thomas@monjalon.net>
Send Time:2020年12月10日(星期四) 02:34
To:谈鉴锋(浩也) <henry.tjf@antgroup.com>; AnanyevKonstantin <konstantin.ananyev@intel.com>
Cc:Jill Lovato <jlovato@linuxfoundation.org>; tdelanerolle <tdelanerolle@linuxfoundation.org>; web <web@dpdk.org>; 谈鉴锋(浩也) <henry.tjf@antfin.com>; irene. zhang <irene.zhang@microsoft.com>; maxime. coquelin <maxime.coquelin@redhat.com>; orika <orika@nvidia.com>; guyk <guyk@marvell.com>; 周介龙(卓腾) <jielong.zjl@antfin.com>
Subject:Re: update of ecosystem page

Any conclusion about TLDKv2?

I think we'll go with the general link to TLDK.
Anyway, TLDKv2 should be merged in the main branch when ready, right?

10/11/2020 10:50, Ananyev, Konstantin:
> Hi Jianfeng,
> I am fine either way, one thing that concerns me with TLDKv2 link –
> as I can see it is not synced with latest TLDK code (memtank lib is not there).
> Do you plan to sync them up somehow?
> Konstantin
> From: 谈鉴锋 <henry.tjf@antgroup.com>
> Sent: Tuesday, November 10, 2020 2:54 AM
> To: Thomas Monjalon <thomas@monjalon.net>; Jill Lovato <jlovato@linuxfoundation.org>
> Cc: tdelanerolle <tdelanerolle@linuxfoundation.org>; web <web@dpdk.org>; Ananyev, Konstantin <konstantin.ananyev@intel.com>; 谈鉴锋(浩也) <henry.tjf@antfin.com>; irene.zhang <irene.zhang@microsoft.com>; maxime.coquelin <maxime.coquelin@redhat.com>; orika <orika@nvidia.com>; guyk <guyk@marvell.com>; 周介龙(卓腾) <jielong.zjl@antfin.com>
> Subject: Re: update of ecosystem page
> +Jielong
> As a developer and user of TLDK, glad to see this topic.
> Recently, we have added more features into TLDK, like SACK, fixed 10+ bugs, and deployed TLDK into online applications.
> From our side, we would continue to use and invest TLDK, and open source what we have in TLDK.
> As you can see in our case, TLDK and DPDK can be used in cloud-native env, besides network-type application, like LB, DNS, etc.
> It's a much larger deployment than the later sitting at the data center edge or telecom boxes.
> In all, we'd like to see TLDK shown in this page, and more users can reference it. As for TLDK vs TLDKv2, now we
> definitely use TLDKv2. Considering that TLDKv2 provides both l4p and socket interface, I personally think we can move on to TLDKv2.
> Konstantin, what's your opinion?
> Thanks,
> Jianfeng
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> From:Thomas Monjalon <thomas@monjalon.net<mailto:thomas@monjalon.net>>
> Send Time:2020年11月9日(星期一) 19:19
> To:Jill Lovato <jlovato@linuxfoundation.org<mailto:jlovato@linuxfoundation.org>>
> Cc:tdelanerolle <tdelanerolle@linuxfoundation.org<mailto:tdelanerolle@linuxfoundation.org>>; web <web@dpdk.org<mailto:web@dpdk.org>>; AnanyevKonstantin <konstantin.ananyev@intel.com<mailto:konstantin.ananyev@intel.com>>; 谈鉴锋(浩也) <henry.tjf@antfin.com<mailto:henry.tjf@antfin.com>>; irene.zhang <irene.zhang@microsoft.com<mailto:irene.zhang@microsoft.com>>; maxime.coquelin <maxime.coquelin@redhat.com<mailto:maxime.coquelin@redhat.com>>; orika <orika@nvidia.com<mailto:orika@nvidia.com>>; guyk <guyk@marvell.com<mailto:guyk@marvell.com>>
> Subject:update of ecosystem page
> Hi,
> I'm looking to update the ecosystem page:
>  https://www.dpdk.org/ecosystem/
> In the list of projects using DPDK,
> - ANS got a website: http://www.ansyun.com/
> - F-Stack is missing: http://www.f-stack.org/
> - TLDK is missing: https://github.com/FDio/tldk/
> Should we prefer TLDKv2? https://github.com/FDio/tldk/tree/dev-next-socket
> - demikernel/catnip is missing: https://github.com/demikernel/demikernel/tree/master/src/rust/catnip
> In the list of device classes, we are missing:
> - Regular Expression Engine
> - vHost Data Path Acceleration
> Thanks

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