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From: "Chauskin, Igor" <>
To: dpdk stable <>
Subject: Re: [dpdk-stable] please help backporting some patches to LTS release 17.11.10
Date: Tue, 24 Dec 2019 12:06:29 +0000
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This patch shouldn't be backported: 05817057fa  Igor Chauskin    net/ena: fix indication of bad L4 Rx checksums


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Sent: Tuesday, December 24, 2019 1:29 PM
Cc: Adrian Moreno <>; Ajit Khaparde <>; Akhil Goyal <>; Anatoly Burakov <>; Arnon Warshavsky <>; Bernard Iremonger <>; Bruce Richardson <>; Ciara Power <>; Damian Nowak <>; Dan Nowlin <>; David Hunt <>; David Marchand <>; Dirk-Holger Lenz <>; Ferruh Yigit <>; Fiona Trahe <>; Gavin Hu <>; Hyong Youb Kim <>; Chauskin, Igor <>; Jason Wang <>; John Daley <>; Kalesh AP <>; Kevin Traynor <>; Lance Richardson <>; Maciej Bielski <>; Maxime Coquelin <>; Michal Krawczyk <>; Paul M Stillwell Jr <>; Phanendra Vukkisala <>; Qiming Yang <>; Qi Zhang <>; Rahul Gupta <>; Rasesh Mody <>; Reshma Pattan <>; Santoshkumar Karanappa Rastapur <>; Shahed Shaikh <>; Somnath Kotur <>; Stephen Hemminger <>; Thibaut Collet <>; Thomas Monjalon <>; Tiwei Bie <>; Venkat Duvvuru <>; Xiaolong Ye <>; Xiao Zhang <>; Xueming Li <>; Zhirun Yan <>
Subject: please help backporting some patches to LTS release 17.11.10

Hi commit authors (and maintainers),

I didn't apply following commits from DPDK master to 17.11 LTS branch, as conflicts or build errors occur.

Can authors check your patches in the following list and either:
    - Backport your patches to the 17.11 branch, or
    - Indicate that the patch should not be backported

Please do either of the above by the 10th of January 2020.

Some notes on LTS backports:

A backport should contain a reference to the DPDK master branch commit in it's commit message in the following fashion:
    [ upstream commit <commit's dpdk master branch SHA-1 checksum> ]

For example:

When sending the backported patch, please indicate the target branch in the subject line, as we have multiple branches, for example:
    [PATCH 17.11] foo/bar: fix baz

With git format-patch, this can be achieved by appending the parameter:
    --subject-prefix='PATCH 17.11'

Send the backported patch to "" but not "".

FYI, branch 17.11 is located at tree:


Luca Boccassi

1fc3b3f06a  Adrian Moreno    vhost: convert buffer addresses to GPA for logging
5d9dc18e1b  Adrian Moreno    vhost: fix vring memory partially mapped
89278c59d9  Ajit Khaparde    net/bnxt: fix flow flush handling
89a0deb866  Ajit Khaparde    net/bnxt: fix resource qcaps with older FW
8d7bdc8c13  Ajit Khaparde    net/bnxt: fix writing MTU to FW
6d3f9917ff  Anatoly Burakov  eal: fix memory config allocation for multi-process
6080796f65  Anatoly Burakov  mem: make base address hint OS specific
75dbb45f28  Arnon Warshavsky eal: fix mapping leak in secondary process
23742f21f7  Bernard Iremonger examples/ipsec-secgw: fix unchecked return value
7edbf7ddfd  Ciara Power      app/procinfo: use strlcpy for copying string
65beb9abca  Damian Nowak     crypto/qat: fix null auth when using VFIO
8e35792c53  David Marchand   eal: remove dead code on NUMA node detection
21ecbde99b  Gavin Hu         net/bnxt: replace memory barrier for doorbell response
c655c547f9  Hyong Youb Kim   net/enic: fix crash in secondary process
e92a4b4148  Hyong Youb Kim   net/enic: fix probe for secondary process
05817057fa  Igor Chauskin    net/ena: fix indication of bad L4 Rx checksums
e0d865357e  Kalesh AP        net/bnxt: enable interrupts according interface status
1bcec6ee08  Kalesh AP        net/bnxt: fix IP checksum error indication
b875339622  Kalesh AP        net/bnxt: fix L4 checksum indication in non-vector Rx
e7858c8b4a  Qi Zhang         net/ice/base: fix mask for checking protocol header
07c417e5fc  Qi Zhang         net/ice/base: fix overrun
2db7c617f6  Qi Zhang         net/ice/base: resolve static analysis issues
e9ccabda04  Rahul Gupta      net/bnxt: reduce cleanup time during reset recovery
766d68ac2d  Rasesh Mody      net/qede/base: fix page index for PBL chains
8937597cfe  Santoshkumar Karanappa Rastapur net/bnxt: fix crash after removing and adding slaves
09aac391a5  Santoshkumar Karanappa Rastapur net/bnxt: fix forwarding with higher mbuf size
7d4e9e2606  Santoshkumar Karanappa Rastapur net/bnxt: fix ping with MTU change
6d178ea040  Santoshkumar Karanappa Rastapur net/bnxt: free default completion ring before VF config
8de0c42019  Shahed Shaikh    net/qede: fix odd number of queues usage in 100G mode
235cbe4c22  Shahed Shaikh    net/qede: fix RSS configuration as per new allocation method
0aa3e7b925  Shahed Shaikh    net/qede: fix stats flow as per new allocation method
642f25da9c  Shahed Shaikh    net/qede: refactor Rx and Tx queue setup
5526c8025d  Somnath Kotur    net/bnxt: fix race between interrupt handler and dev config
6958e40dbc  Thibaut Collet   net/virtio: fix Rx stats with vectorized functions
037cc747d1  Venkat Duvvuru   net/bnxt: fix default MAC check
938a87db43  Venkat Duvvuru   net/bnxt: fix redundant MAC address check
6118503d80  Venkat Duvvuru   net/bnxt: fix VLAN filtering
675f65dc66  Xiao Zhang       net/e1000: fix MAC type checking
d6956e9239  Xiao Zhang       net/e1000: fix memory barrier usage in Tx
2808a12cc0  Xueming Li       malloc: fix memory element size in case of padding

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