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[dpdk-stable] [PATCH 1/1] eal/linux: do not create user mem map repeatedly when it exists
 2020-07-24 13:25 UTC  (3+ messages) - mbox.gz / Atom
` [dpdk-stable] [dpdk-dev] [PATCH v2] "

[dpdk-stable] patch 'vhost: remove zero-copy and client mode restriction' has been queued to stable release 19.11.4
 2020-07-24 12:00 UTC  (192+ messages) - mbox.gz / Atom
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/ice: fix switch action number check' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/hns3: clear promiscuous on PF uninit' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/hns3: fix Tx less than 60 bytes' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/hns3: add RSS hash offload to Rx configuration' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/hns3: fix key length when configuring RSS' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/bnxt: fix performance for Arm' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/netvsc: fix warning when VF is removed' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/netvsc: do not query VF link state' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/netvsc: do not spin forever waiting for reply' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'app/testpmd: fix memory leak on error path' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/mlx5: remove needless Tx queue initialization check' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/mlx5: fix unreachable MPLS error path' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/mlx5: fix secondary process resources release' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/mlx5: fix interrupt installation timing' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/failsafe: fix RSS RETA size info' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/mlx5: fix vectorized Rx burst termination' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/hns3: remove unsupported VLAN capabilities' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/hns3: fix VLAN strip configuration when setting PVID' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/hns3: fix VLAN tags reported in Rx' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/i40e: enable NEON Rx/Tx in meson' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'app/testpmd: fix stats error message' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'mbuf: remove unused next member in dynamic flag/field' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'test/mbuf: fix a dynamic flag log' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'eal/windows: fix symbol export' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'app/testpmd: fix error detection in MTU command' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/hns3: fix flow director error message' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/hns3: ignore function return on reset error path' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/hns3: fix unintended sign extension in fd operation' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/hns3: fix unintended sign extension in dump "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/mlx5: fix typos in meter error messages' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/mlx5: do not select legacy MPW implicitly' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/mlx5: fix descriptors number adjustment' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/mlx5: fix LRO checksum' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/ice/base: fix return value' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/ice/base: fix memory leak on error path' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/ice/base: fix reference count on VSI list update' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/ice/base: fix initializing resource for field vector' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/cxgbe: fix CLIP leak in filter error path' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/cxgbe: fix double MPS alloc by flow validate and create' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'meter: remove inline functions from export list' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'eal/linux: fix epoll fd list rebuild for interrupts' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'test/bpf: fix few small issues' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'bpf: fix add/sub min/max estimations' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net: fix IPv4 checksum' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'examples: add flush after stats printing' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'sched: fix subport freeing' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'sched: fix 64-bit rate' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'bus/vmbus: fix ring buffer mapping' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'eal: remove redundant newline in alert message' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'bus/pci: fix VF memory access' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'mbuf: fix boundary check at dynamic field registration' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'mbuf: fix error code in dynamic field/flag "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'mbuf: fix free space update for dynamic field' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'mbuf: fix dynamic field dump log' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'doc: update build instructions in the Linux guide' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'build: fix drivers library path on Windows' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'pci: fix address domain format size' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/ice/base: fix VSI ID mask to 10 bits' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/mlx5: remove redundant newline from logs' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/qede: fix multicast drop in promiscuous mode' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/mvpp2: fix non-EAL thread support' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'eal/arm: add vcopyq intrinsic for aarch32' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/ixgbe: fix include of vector header file' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'bus/dpaa: fix iterating on a class type' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'bus/fslmc: "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/octeontx2: fix DMAC filtering' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'common/mlx5: fix code arrangement in tag allocation' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/mlx5: fix iterator type in Rx queue management' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'vhost: fix features definition location' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'test/ring: fix statistics in bulk enq/dequeue' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'test: fix build with ring PMD but no bond PMD' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'mem: fix 32-bit init config with meson' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'examples/eventdev: fix 32-bit coremask' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'event/octeontx2: fix device reconfigure' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'event/octeontx2: fix sub event type' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'devtools: fix path in forbidden token check' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'sched: fix port time rounding' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'lib: remind experimental status in headers' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'rawdev: remove remaining experimental tags' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'eal/armv8: fix timer frequency calibration with PMU' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'eal: fix lcore accessors for non-EAL threads' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'vfio: remove unused variable' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'eal: fix uuid header dependencies' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'test: fix rpath for drivers with meson' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'rawdev: allow getting info for unknown device' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'rawdev: fill NUMA socket ID in info' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'rawdev: export dump function in map file' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'cfgfile: fix stack buffer underflow' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'rib: add C++ include guard' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'service: fix lcore iteration' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'drivers/crypto: add missing OOP feature flag' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'test/crypto: fix asymmetric session mempool creation' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'common/cpt: fix encryption offset' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'crypto/qat: fix AES-XTS capabilities' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'crypto/dpaax_sec: fix 18-bit PDCP cases with HFN override' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'crypto/dpaax_sec: fix inline query for descriptors' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'crypto/dpaa2_sec: fix HFN override' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'common/dpaax: fix 12-bit null auth case' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'eventdev: fix race condition on timer list counter' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'eventdev: use C11 atomics for lcore timer armed flag' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'eventdev: remove redundant reset on timer cancel' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'eventdev: relax SMP barriers with C11 atomics' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'service: fix core mapping reset' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/ixgbe: report 10Mbps link speed for x553' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/iavf: fix uninitialized variable' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/ixgbe/base: remove dead code' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/iavf: fix RSS RETA after restart' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'common/octeontx2: fix crash on running procinfo' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/ice/base: fix GTP-U inner RSS IPv4 IPv6 co-exist' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/hns3: clear residual hardware configurations on init' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/hns3: fix Rx buffer size' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/hinic/base: check output of management sync channel' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/hinic/base: remove unused function parameters' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/hinic: fix setting promiscuous mode' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/ice: add input set byte number check' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/mlx5: fix flow META item validation' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/ice: fix error log in generic flow' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/i40e: fix getting EEPROM information' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'app/testpmd: use clock time in throughput calculation' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'app/testpmd: fix burst percentage "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/hns3: check multi-process action register result' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'ethdev: fix log type for some error messages' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'service: fix C++ linkage' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net: fix unneeded replacement of TCP checksum 0' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net: fix checksum on big endian CPUs' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'doc: add RIB and FIB into the API index' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'eal: fix parentheses in alignment macros' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'vhost: fix virtio ready flag check' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'bus/fslmc: fix getting FD error' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/dpaa: fix FD offset data type' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/bonding: fix socket ID check' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/netvsc: fix underflow when Rx external mbuf' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/ixgbe/base: fix host interface shadow RAM read' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/ixgbe/base: fix x550em 10G NIC link status' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/ixgbe/base: fix infinite recursion on PCIe link down' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'doc: fix a typo in mlx5 guide' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'ethdev: fix data room size verification in Rx queue setup' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'ethdev: fix VLAN offloads set if no relative capabilities' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'app/testpmd: fix CPU cycles per packet stats on Tx modes' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/nfp: fix RSS hash configuration reporting' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'drivers/net: fix exposing internal headers' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/bonding: fix LACP negotiation' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/bnxt: remove unused enum declaration' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/bnxt: fix unnecessary HWRM command' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/bnxt: fix flow error on filter creation' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/bnxt: fix freeing filters on flow creation failure' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'test/crypto: change cipher offset for ESN vector' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'examples/fips_validation: fix TDES interim callback' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'examples/fips_validation: fix parsing of TDES vectors' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'examples/fips_validation: fix count overwrite for TDES' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/ice/base: fix RSS removal for GTP-U' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/hns3: fix RSS configuration on empty RSS type' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/bonding: fix error code on device creation' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/af_packet: fix check of file descriptors' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/af_packet: fix memory leak on init failure' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/af_packet: fix munmap "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/bonding: fix MAC address when switching active port' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/bonding: fix MAC address when one port resets' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/i40e: fix queue pairs configuration in VF' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'bus/fslmc: fix memory leak in secondary process' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/i40e: fix flow director Rx writeback packet' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/ice/base: fix memory leak on GTPU RSS' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/i40e: fix filter pctype' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/ixgbe: fix MAC control frame forward' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/ixgbe: fix flow control status' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/bonding: delete redundant code' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/i40e: report VLAN filter capability' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/e1000: report VLAN extend "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/e1000: fix crash on Tx done clean up' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/mlx5: fix UAR lock sharing for multiport devices' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/mlx5: fix HW counters path in switchdev mode' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/mlx5: fix VLAN pop with decap action validation' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/mlx5: fix VLAN push action on hairpin queue' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'vhost: fix double-free with zero-copy' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net: fix pedantic build' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'net/sfc: do not enforce hash offload in RSS multi-queue' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'raw/ifpga/base: fix SPI transaction' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'raw/ifpga/base: fix NIOS SPI init' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'mempool: fix allocation in memzone during retry' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'doc: fix some typos in Linux guide' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'doc: fix typo in bbdev test "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'bus/vdev: fix a typo in doxygen comment' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'test/hash: move lock-free tests to perf tests' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'test: allow no-huge mode for fast-tests' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'doc: rebuild with meson whenever a file changes' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'build: always link whole DPDK static libraries' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'devtools: test static linkage with pkg-config' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'build/pkg-config: move pkg-config file creation' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'build/pkg-config: output drivers first for static build' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'build/pkg-config: improve static linking flags' "
` [dpdk-stable] patch 'build/pkg-config: prevent overlinking' "

[dpdk-stable] [PATCH] net/i40e: fix incorrect hash look up table
 2020-07-24  9:58 UTC  (6+ messages) - mbox.gz / Atom
` [dpdk-stable] [PATCH v5] "
  ` [dpdk-stable] [dpdk-dev] "
` [dpdk-stable] [PATCH v6] "
    ` [dpdk-stable] [dpdk-dev] "

[dpdk-stable] [PATCH] net/i40e: enable i40e outer VLAN strip in QinQ
 2020-07-24  8:37 UTC  (3+ messages) - mbox.gz / Atom
` [dpdk-stable] [dpdk-dev] "

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