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From: satyavalli rama <satyavalli.rama@gmail.com>
To: dev@dpdk.org, users@dpdk.org
Subject: [dpdk-users] Fwd: l2fwd application are not sending continuous packets .
Date: Mon, 6 Jan 2020 11:25:22 +0530	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <CAECt3bPG__2Lz_fLhRtr4oPfWNaSz+-RGvj4N86GbjxSMOa5rA@mail.gmail.com> (raw)
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Hello Dpdk Team,

I'm facing issue while forwarding packets in DPDK's l2fwd application.
While sending 1 Lac packets from Scapy, I could see sometimes packets are
sending from one VM to another VM.
Before explaining issue let me explain topology.

*Topology :-=======*1) I am having 4 VMs(Virtual Machines) in same host.
All these VM are running on Ubuntu 16.04.1.
2) VM-1 is used as Scapy to forward packets (Scapy version 2.4.3) . While
creating packets I am giving destination mac(d-mac) address of VM-1.
3) In VM-2 am running L2 forwarding application.
    In this l2fwd application, I am doing simple packet forwarding by
statically keeping mac address of VM-3.
Code :-
     l2fwd_mac_updating () {
      *((uint64_t *)tmp) = 0xddccbbaa/*VM-3 mac address*/ +
((uint64_t)dest_portid << 40);
4) Also in VM-3, I am doing same like VM-2, but I kept mac address of VM-4
5) In VM-4, I am using wireshark to see packets coming from VM-3.
6) In VM-2 and VM-3, I kept promiscuous mode off by commenting out

   ---------------                                   ---------------------
   |    VM-1  |      ---------->                |       VM-2     |
---------------->   |     VM-3    |       ------------------> |        VM-4
   ---------------                                   ---------------------
        Scapy                              Simple L2 forwarding
      Simple L2 forwarding                        Wireshark
used for sending packets            Sending all packets to
 Sending all packets to

*Problem :- ======*==
From scapy VM, I am sending 1 lac packets with rate of 100 packets per
second. *During problematic condition I could see packets are not getting
forward from VM-3.**Problematic state is happening anytime after sending 1k
This issue is not consistence but I could see this issue 8 out of 10 times.

* Debugging and Observations :-=========================*
When I tried to debug this issue , I could see that
1) In problematic state, rx queue of VM-3 is not getting packets, but VM-2
is sending packets properly. I checked this by using pdump of rx queue.
2) Just before problematic state in VM-3, I could see that  previous
packet(only one packet) instead of going to VM-4, it is coming back to
again in rx queue of VM-3 and after wards I did not get any packets in rx
3) I have changed rate of packet forward 10packets per second. but still
see the issue.

*Can anyone please help to solve this problem ? I need it urgently .*

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