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* [dpdk-announce] DPDK 18.05 - Venky Release
@ 2018-05-30 23:52 Thomas Monjalon
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From: Thomas Monjalon @ 2018-05-30 23:52 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: announce

A new major release is available:

Some highlights:
	- memory subsystem rework
	- mempool bucket driver
	- improved logging control
	- better affinity of control threads
	- uevent support for hotplug
	- generic multi-process channel (IPC)
	- secondary process support in virtual devices
	- ethdev API for recommended Rx/Tx parameters
	- ethdev API for various tunnels offloads
	- ethdev API for interconnect/switch offloads
	- ethdev port representor
	- ethdev runtime queue setup​
	- ethdev driver interfaces switched to new offloading API
	- axgbe AMD driver
	- bnxt update for Broadcom NetXtreme-S (Stingray)
	- cxgbe VF driver for Chelsio T5/T6
	- mlx5 striding RQ (multi packets buffer)
	- mlx5 tunnels offloads extended
	- sfc update for Solarflare XtremeScale X2xxx
	- ifcvf vDPA driver for accelerated virtio with Intel FPGA
	- vhost selective datapath
	- vhost interrupt mode
	- virtio-user server mode
	- virtio-crypto driver
	- tun support in tap driver
	- bonding support of flow API
	- ccp AMD crypto driver
	- compressdev API
	- Intel compressdev software driver
	- Intel FPGA bus
	- DPAA2 QDMA raw driver
	- DPAA2 Command Interface raw driver
	- eventdev crypto adapter
	- eventdev timer adapter
	- library to load and execute BPF
	- IP pipeline enhancements
	- improved meson build coverage

More details in the release notes:

The statistics are crazy:
	1716 patches from 160 authors
	1663 files changed, 199587 insertions(+), 74247 deletions(-)

There are 55 new contributors (including authors, reviewers and testers).
Thanks to Ali Alnubani, Andy Green, Artem V. Andreev, Ashish Gupta,
Ben Shelton, Bin Huang, Boon Ang, Chuhong Yao, Dan Gora, Daniel Shelepov,
Darren Edamura, Gautam Dawar, Gavin Hu,  Govindarajulu Varadarajan,
Greg Tucker, Guido Barzini, Hao Wu, Hasan Alayli, Honnappa Nagarahalli,
Jan Remes, Jananee Parthasarathy, Jay Ding, Kamil Chalupnik, Lei Gong,
Louis Luo, Marcelo Ricardo Leitner, Marco Varlese, Mattias Rönnblom,
Michael Luo, Michael Wildt, Nachiketa Prachanda, Ning Li, Nitin Saxena,
Qingmin Liu, Rahul Gupta, Randy Schacher,  Ravi Kumar, Ray Jui,
Richard Houldsworth, Sachin Saxena, Scott Branden, Shagun Agrawal,
Shally Verma, Shraddha Joshi, Shweta Choudaha, Sirshak Das,
Solal Pirelli, Sunila Sahu, Takanari Hayama, Tianfei Zhang,
Venkatesh Srinivas, Xiaohua Zhang, Xiaoxin Peng, Yilun Xu and Yongji Xie.

Below is the number of patches per company with authors count:
	658   Intel (58)
	153   Mellanox (8)
	149   Solarflare (8)
	124   6WIND (8)
	 96   NXP (6)
	 91   Cavium (11)
	 50   andy@warmcat.com (1)
	 49   Broadcom (9)
	 47   OKTET Labs (3)
	 44   Microsoft (2)
	 40   AMD (1)
	 32   RedHat (4)
	 26   Cisco (2)
	 22   Semihalf (1)
	 22   Chelsio (3)
	 15   Netronome (1)
	 15   AT&T (4)
	 13   xiangxia.m.yue@gmail.com (1)
	 13   Huawei (2)
	 11   CESNET (1)
	  5   Wind River (3)
	  5   Tencent (2)
	  4   IBM (1)
	  4   ARM (2)
	  3   VMware (3)
	  3   Linaro (1)

Based on Reviewed-by and Acked-by tags, the top reviewers are:
	142   Ferruh Yigit
	 72   Maxime Coquelin
	 57   Pablo de Lara
	 56   Bruce Richardson
	 50   Qi Zhang
	 46   Thomas Monjalon
	 43   Jianfeng Tan
	 40   Nelio Laranjeiro
	 40   Adrien Mazarguil
	 36   Shreyansh Jain
	 35   Hemant Agrawal
	 33   Jerin Jacob
	 33   Andrew Rybchenko
	 30   Akhil Goyal
	 27   Olivier Matz
	 27   Andy Moreton
	 26   Anatoly Burakov
	 23   Yongseok Koh
	 22   Konstantin Ananyev
	 22   Ivan Malov
	 21   Stephen Hemminger

The new features for 18.08 must be submitted during next week,
in order to be reviewed and integrated during June.
The next release is expected to happen at the beginning of August.
The deadlines will be more strictly respected than for 18.05.
Because of shorter release cycle, the next release will be smaller.

Thanks everyone
It was a very special release

Venky Venkatesan, the creator and "Father of DPDK" passed away
in early April of this year.

Venky spent more than two decades working at Intel as an engineer
and architect attaining the well-deserved position of Intel Fellow.
His work spanned every aspect of networking and ranged from network
processors to ASICs to FPGAs to multi-core Intel architecture platforms.
In the mid to late 2000s, as Intel was moving away from network processors,
Venky came up with the idea of what would eventually become the
Data Plane Development Kit. He is known as "The Father of DPDK".

To honor Venky and his tremendous contributions, not only to the DPDK
community, but also to the networking and communications industry at large,
we are naming the DPDK 18.05 "The Venky Release".
If you haven't read the memorial the community posted on Venky,
please take a look: http://dpdk.org/about/Venky.
We would also remind you of the GoFundMe memorial fund
that has been established as a college fund
for his two young daughters that he leaves behind.

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