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* [dpdk-dev] 18.11.7 (LTS) patches review and test
@ 2020-03-20 19:34 Kevin Traynor
  2020-03-25 11:59 ` Pei Zhang
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From: Kevin Traynor @ 2020-03-20 19:34 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: stable
  Cc: dev, Abhishek Marathe, Akhil Goyal, Ali Alnubani,
	benjamin.walker, David Christensen, Hemant Agrawal, Ian Stokes,
	Jerin Jacob, John McNamara, Ju-Hyoung Lee, Kevin Traynor,
	Luca Boccassi, Pei Zhang, pingx.yu, qian.q.xu, Raslan Darawsheh,
	Thomas Monjalon, yuan.peng, zhaoyan.chen

Hi all,

Here is a list of patches targeted for LTS release 18.11.7.

The planned date for the final release is 14th April.

Please help with testing and validation of your use cases and report
any issues/results with reply-all to this mail. For the final release
the fixes and reported validations will be added to the release notes.

A release candidate tarball can be found at:


These patches are located at branch 18.11 of dpdk-stable repo:



Aaron Conole (1):
      service: don't walk out of bounds when checking services

Adrian Moreno (2):
      vhost: fix packed virtqueue ready condition
      vhost: protect log address translation in IOTLB update

Adrien Mazarguil (1):
      maintainers: resign from flow API maintenance

Anoob Joseph (2):
      common/cpt: remove redundant code in datapath
      examples/fips_validation: fix string token for CT length

Apeksha Gupta (1):
      net/dpaa: fix Rx offload flags on jumbo MTU set

Archana Muniganti (2):
      common/cpt: check cipher and auth keys are set
      common/cpt: fix component for empty IOV buffer

Artur Trybula (1):
      test/compress: replace test vector

Beilei Xing (1):
      net/i40e: fix unchecked Tx cleanup error

Bruce Richardson (5):
      build: explicitly enable sse4 for meson
      kni: fix meson warning about console keyword
      doc: fix warning with meson
      doc: reduce whitespace in meson build file
      doc: reduce indentation in meson build file

Ciara Power (3):
      app/testpmd: fix device mcast list error handling
      lib: fix unnecessary double negation
      usertools: fix telemetry client with python 3

David Marchand (2):
      eal/linux: fix build error on RHEL 7.6
      crypto/ccp: fix queue alignment

Dekel Peled (2):
      net/mlx5: fix VLAN match for DV mode
      net/mlx5: fix match on ethertype and CVLAN tag

Dybkowski, AdamX (1):
      test/crypto: fix missing operation status check

Fan Zhang (2):
      vhost/crypto: fix fetch size
      examples/fips_validation: fix AES-GCM cipher length parsing

Fang TongHao (1):
      ethdev: fix secondary process memory overwrite

Ferruh Yigit (3):
      kni: fix build with Linux 5.6
      net/sfc: fix log format specifiers
      net/fm10k: fix non-x86 build

Gaetan Rivet (1):
      maintainers: update for failsafe and PCI library

Gargi Sau (1):
      examples/ethtool: fix unchecked return value

Gavin Hu (1):
      bus/fslmc: remove conflicting memory barrier macro

Guinan Sun (1):
      net/ixgbe: fix flow control mode setting

Itsuro Oda (4):
      net/vhost: allocate interface name from heap
      net/vhost: fix probing in secondary process
      net/vhost: delay driver setup
      net/vhost: fix setup error path

Jiaqi Min (1):
      net/iavf: fix Rx total stats

Junxiao Shi (2):
      bpf: fix headers install with meson
      drivers/crypto: fix session-less mode

Kalesh AP (5):
      net/bnxt: fix flow creation
      net/bnxt: use macro for PCI log format
      net/bnxt: remove redundant if statement
      net/bnxt: fix probe in FreeBSD
      net/bnxt: fix IOVA mapping

Kevin Traynor (6):
      maintainers: update for stable branches
      Revert "net/mlx5: fix VXLAN-GPE item translation"
      kni: fix ethtool build for kernel 5.5
      Revert "net/vhost: prevent multiple setups on reconfiguration"
      Revert "net/vhost: fix setup error path"
      Revert "net/vhost: delay driver setup"

Konstantin Ananyev (1):
      acl: fix 32-bit match for range field

Liron Himi (1):
      cfgfile: fix symbols map

Lu Qiuwen (1):
      net/fm10k: fix descriptor VLAN field filling in Tx

Luca Boccassi (1):
      Revert "common/octeontx: add missing public symbol"

Lunyuan Cui (2):
      net/ixgbe: fix link status
      net/ixgbe: fix link up in FreeBSD

Manish Chopra (2):
      net/qede: fix VF reload
      net/qede: do not stop vport if not started

Marvin Liu (2):
      net/virtio: cleanup on demand when in-order Tx
      net/virtio: fix mbuf data and packet length mismatch

Matan Azrad (1):
      net/mlx5: fix L3 VXLAN RSS expansion

Mattias Rönnblom (2):
      event/dsw: flush buffers immediately on zero-sized enqueue
      event/dsw: avoid credit leak on oversized enqueue bursts

Maxime Coquelin (4):
      vhost: fix deadlock on port deletion
      vhost: catch overflow causing mmap of size 0
      vhost: check message header size read
      net/vhost: prevent multiple setups on reconfiguration

Nikhil Rao (1):
      service: avoid false sharing on core state

Olivier Matz (1):
      mempool: fix anonymous populate

Ori Kam (1):
      app/testpmd: fix uninitialized members of MPLS

Pavan Nikhilesh (1):
      app/eventdev: fix pipeline test with meson build

Prateek Agarwal (1):
      doc: fix multi-producer enqueue figure in ring guide

Qi Zhang (2):
      net/iavf/base: fix command buffer memory leak
      net/iavf/base: fix adminq return

Rafael Ávila de Espíndola (1):
      mk: avoid combining -r and -export-dynamic linker options

Rahul Gupta (1):
      net/bnxt: fix default timeout for getting FW version

Rahul Lakkireddy (1):
      net/cxgbe: announce Tx multi-segments offload

Rasesh Mody (3):
      net/bnx2x: fix reset of scan FP flag
      net/bnx2x: fix to sync fastpath Rx queue access
      net/bnx2x: fix VLAN stripped flag

Raslan Darawsheh (2):
      net/mlx5: fix VXLAN-GPE item translation
      net/failsafe: fix reported hash key size in device info

Reshma Pattan (2):
      net/ixgbe: remove duplicate function declaration
      latency: fix calculation for multi-thread

Ricardo Roldan (1):
      ethdev: fix callback unregister with wildcard argument list

Ruifeng Wang (1):
      crypto/armv8: fix clang build

Santoshkumar Karanappa Rastapur (2):
      net/bnxt: fix link during port toggle
      net/bnxt: fix buffer allocation reattempt

Savinay Dharmappa (1):
      examples/ipsec-secgw: fix crash on unsupported algo

Scott Wasson (1):
      kni: fix not contiguous FIFO

Shougang Wang (1):
      net/ixgbe: remove dead code

Somnath Kotur (1):
      net/bnxt: fix alloc filter to use a common routine

Stephen Hemminger (11):
      eal/linux: fix uninitialized data valgrind warning
      app/testpmd: call cleanup on exit
      net/virtio-user: check file descriptor before closing
      net/netvsc: fix crash in secondary process
      kni: rename variable with namespace prefix
      net/bnxt: do not log error if stats queried before start
      net/bnxt: remove unnecessary memset
      app/pdump: fix build with clang
      mem: fix munmap in error unwind
      net/netvsc: initialize link state
      net/bnxt: fix crash in secondary process

Sucharitha Sarananaga (1):
      examples/fips_validation: fix cipher length for AES-GCM

Sunil Kumar Kori (1):
      net/octeontx: fix memory leak of MAC address table

Tao Zhu (1):
      net/iavf: add TSO offload use basic path

Thomas Faivre (1):
      usertools: fix syntax warning in python 3.8

Thomas Monjalon (3):
      doc: fix build with python 3.8
      fix Mellanox copyright and SPDX tag
      app/testpmd: fix hot-unplug detaching

Tiwei Bie (1):
      net/virtio-user: do not close tap when disabling queue pairs

Viacheslav Ovsiienko (2):
      net/mlx5: cache associated network device index
      ethdev: fix switching domain allocation

Vitaliy Mysak (1):
      vhost: do not treat empty socket message as error

Wei Hu (Xavier) (2):
      app/testpmd: fix initial value when setting PFC
      app/testpmd: fix uninitialized members when setting PFC

Wisam Jaddo (1):
      app/testpmd: fix identifier size for port attach

Xiao Wang (3):
      vhost: fix socket initial value
      examples/l3fwd-power: fix a typo
      examples/l3fwd-power: fix interrupt disable

Xiao Zhang (1):
      net/ixgbe: check for illegal Tx packets

Xiaolong Ye (4):
      net/i40e/base: fix buffer address
      net/i40e/base: fix error message
      net/i40e/base: fix Tx descriptors number
      net/i40e/base: fix retrying logic

Xiaoyun Li (2):
      net/i40e: fix Tx when TSO is enabled
      examples/tep_term: remove redundant info get

Yahui Cao (1):
      net/iavf: fix virtual channel return

Yunjian Wang (3):
      net/vhost: check creation failure
      net/virtio-user: check tap offload setting failure
      net/tap: fix memory leak when unregister intr handler

Zhike Wang (1):
      vhost: fix crash on port deletion

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