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From: Juraj Linkeš <juraj.linkes@pantheon.tech>
To: lijuan.tu@intel.com, ohilyard@iol.unh.edu
Cc: dts@dpdk.org, Juraj Linkeš <juraj.linkes@pantheon.tech>
Subject: [PATCH v1] framework/qemu_kvm: fix pylama errors
Date: Mon,  6 Dec 2021 13:21:43 +0100
Message-ID: <1638793303-2955-1-git-send-email-juraj.linkes@pantheon.tech> (raw)

Pylama found the following errors:
framework/qemu_kvm.py:1498: [E] E0602 Undefined variable 'assgined_pcis_info' [pylint]
framework/qemu_kvm.py:1508: [E] E0602 Undefined variable 'assinged_pcis_info' [pylint]
framework/qemu_kvm.py:1508: [E] E1101 Instance of 'QEMUKvm' has no '__vf_has_been_assinged' member [pylint]
framework/qemu_kvm.py:1587: [E] E1121 Too many positional arguments for method call [pylint]
framework/qemu_kvm.py:1733: [E] E0213 Method should have "self" as first argument [pylint]
framework/qemu_kvm.py:1750: [E] E1102 func is not callable [pylint]

Signed-off-by: Juraj Linkeš <juraj.linkes@pantheon.tech>
Lijuan, please add additional people to review if needed.
 framework/qemu_kvm.py | 7 ++++---
 1 file changed, 4 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff --git a/framework/qemu_kvm.py b/framework/qemu_kvm.py
index 515a4c04..32cd668e 100644
--- a/framework/qemu_kvm.py
+++ b/framework/qemu_kvm.py
@@ -1495,7 +1495,7 @@ class QEMUKvm(VirtBase):
             if self.__is_vf_pci(pci):
                 assigned_pcis_info[pci]['is_vf'] = True
                 pf_pci = self.__map_vf_to_pf(pci)
-                assgined_pcis_info[pci]['pf_pci'] = pf_pci
+                assigned_pcis_info[pci]['pf_pci'] = pf_pci
                 if self.virt_pool.alloc_vf_from_pf(vm=self.vm_name,
@@ -1505,7 +1505,7 @@ class QEMUKvm(VirtBase):
                 # check that if any VF of specified PF has been
                 # used, raise exception
-                vf_pci = self.__vf_has_been_assinged(pci, **assinged_pcis_info)
+                vf_pci = self.__vf_has_been_assigned(pci, **assigned_pcis_info)
                 if vf_pci:
                     raise Exception(
                         "Error: A VF [%s] generated by PF [%s] has " %
@@ -1584,7 +1584,7 @@ class QEMUKvm(VirtBase):
         Get IP which VM is connected by bridge.
-        out = self.control_command('ping', '60')
+        out = self.control_command('ping')
         if not out:
             out = self.control_command('ifconfig')
@@ -1730,6 +1730,7 @@ class QEMUKvm(VirtBase):
         return cores
+    @staticmethod
     def handle_control_session(func):
         Wrapper function to handle serial port, must return serial to host session

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