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* [dpdk-stable] 19.11.3 patches review and test
@ 2020-06-03 19:43 luca.boccassi
  2020-06-10  7:19 ` Yu, PingX
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From: luca.boccassi @ 2020-06-03 19:43 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: stable
  Cc: dev, Abhishek Marathe, Akhil Goyal, Ali Alnubani,
	benjamin.walker, David Christensen, Hemant Agrawal, Ian Stokes,
	Jerin Jacob, John McNamara, Ju-Hyoung Lee, Kevin Traynor,
	Pei Zhang, pingx.yu, qian.q.xu, Raslan Darawsheh,
	Thomas Monjalon, yuan.peng, zhaoyan.chen

Hi all,

Here is a list of patches targeted for stable release 19.11.3.

The planned date for the final release is the 17th of June.

Please help with testing and validation of your use cases and report
any issues/results with reply-all to this mail. For the final release
the fixes and reported validations will be added to the release notes.

A release candidate tarball can be found at:

These patches are located at branch 19.11 of dpdk-stable repo:


Luca Boccassi

Adam Dybkowski (5):
      cryptodev: fix missing device id range checking
      common/qat: fix GEN3 marketing name
      app/crypto-perf: fix display of sample test vector
      crypto/qat: support plain SHA1..SHA512 hashes
      cryptodev: fix SHA-1 digest enum comment

Ajit Khaparde (3):
      net/bnxt: fix FW version query
      net/bnxt: fix error log for command timeout
      net/bnxt: fix using RSS config struct

Akhil Goyal (1):
      ipsec: fix build dependency on hash lib

Alex Kiselev (1):
      lpm6: fix size of tbl8 group

Alex Marginean (1):
      net/enetc: fix Rx lock-up

Alexander Kozyrev (8):
      net/mlx5: reduce Tx completion index memory loads
      net/mlx5: add device parameter for MPRQ stride size
      net/mlx5: enable MPRQ multi-stride operations
      net/mlx5: add multi-segment packets in MPRQ mode
      net/mlx5: set dynamic flow metadata in Rx queues
      net/mlx5: improve logging of MPRQ selection
      net/mlx5: fix assert in dynamic metadata handling
      net/mlx5: fix Tx queue release debug log timing

Alvin Zhang (2):
      net/iavf: fix link speed
      net/e1000: fix port hotplug for multi-process

Amit Gupta (1):
      net/octeontx: fix meson build for disabled drivers

Anatoly Burakov (1):
      mem: preallocate VA space in no-huge mode

Andrew Rybchenko (4):
      net/sfc: fix reported promiscuous/multicast mode
      net/sfc/base: use simpler EF10 family conditional check
      net/sfc/base: use simpler EF10 family run-time checks
      net/sfc/base: fix build when EVB is enabled

Andy Pei (1):
      net/ipn3ke: use control thread to check link status

Ankur Dwivedi (1):
      net/octeontx2: fix buffer size assignment

Apeksha Gupta (2):
      bus/fslmc: fix dereferencing null pointer
      test/crypto: fix statistics case

Archana Muniganti (1):
      examples/fips_validation: fix parsing of algorithms

Arek Kusztal (1):
      crypto/qat: fix cipher descriptor for ZUC and SNOW

Asaf Penso (2):
      net/mlx5: fix call to modify action without init item
      net/mlx5: fix assert in doorbell lookup

Ashish Gupta (1):
      net/octeontx2: fix link information for loopback port

Asim Jamshed (1):
      fib: fix headers for C++ support

Bernard Iremonger (1):
      net/i40e: fix flow director initialisation

Bing Zhao (6):
      net/mlx5: fix header modify action validation
      net/mlx5: fix actions validation on root table
      net/mlx5: fix assert in modify converting
      mk: fix static linkage of mlx dependency
      mem: fix overflow on allocation
      net/mlx5: fix doorbell bitmap management offsets

Bruce Richardson (3):
      pci: remove unneeded includes in public header file
      pci: fix build on FreeBSD
      drivers: fix log type variables for -fno-common

Cheng Peng (1):
      net/iavf: fix stats query error code

Chengchang Tang (3):
      net/hns3: fix promiscuous mode for PF
      net/hns3: fix default VLAN filter configuration for PF
      net/hns3: fix VLAN filter when setting promisucous mode

Chengwen Feng (7):
      net/hns3: fix packets offload features flags in Rx
      net/hns3: fix default error code of command interface
      net/hns3: fix crash when flushing RSS flow rules with FLR
      net/hns3: fix return value of setting VLAN offload
      net/hns3: clear residual flow rules on init
      net/hns3: fix Rx interrupt after reset
      net/hns3: replace memory barrier with data dependency order

Ciara Power (1):
      telemetry: fix port stats retrieval

Darek Stojaczyk (1):
      pci: accept 32-bit domain numbers

David Christensen (2):
      pci: fix build on ppc
      eal/ppc: fix build with gcc 9.3

David Marchand (5):
      mem: mark pages as not accessed when reserving VA
      test: load drivers when required
      eal: fix typo in endian conversion macros
      remove references to private PCI probe function
      doc: prefer https when pointing to

Dekel Peled (7):
      net/mlx5: fix mask used for IPv6 item validation
      net/mlx5: fix CVLAN tag set in IP item translation
      net/mlx5: update VLAN and encap actions validation
      net/mlx5: fix match on empty VLAN item in DV mode
      common/mlx5: fix umem buffer alignment
      net/mlx5: fix VLAN flow action with wildcard VLAN item
      net/mlx5: fix RSS key copy to TIR context

Dmitry Kozlyuk (2):
      build: fix linker warnings with clang on Windows
      build: support MinGW-w64 with Meson

Eduard Serra (1):
      net/vmxnet3: fix RSS setting on v4

Eugeny Parshutin (1):
      ethdev: fix build when vtune profiling is on

Fady Bader (1):
      mempool: remove inline functions from export list

Fan Zhang (1):
      vhost/crypto: add missing user protocol flag

Ferruh Yigit (7):
      net/nfp: fix log format specifiers
      net/null: fix secondary burst function selection
      net/null: remove redundant check
      mempool/octeontx2: fix build for gcc O1 optimization
      net/ena: fix build for O1 optimization
      event/octeontx2: fix build for O1 optimization
      examples/kni: fix crash during MTU set

Gaetan Rivet (5):
      doc: fix number of failsafe sub-devices
      net/ring: fix device pointer on allocation
      pci: reject negative values in PCI id
      doc: fix typos in ABI policy
      kvargs: fix strcmp helper documentation

Gavin Hu (2):
      net/i40e: relax barrier in Tx
      net/i40e: relax barrier in Tx for NEON

Guinan Sun (2):
      net/ixgbe: fix statistics in flow control mode
      net/ixgbe: check driver type in MACsec API

Haifeng Lin (1):
      eal/arm64: fix precise TSC

Haiyue Wang (1):
      net/ice/base: check memory pointer before copying

Hao Chen (1):
      net/hns3: support Rx interrupt

Harry van Haaren (3):
      service: fix crash on exit
      examples/eventdev: fix crash on exit
      test/flow_classify: enable multi-sockets system

Hemant Agrawal (3):
      drivers: add crypto as dependency for event drivers
      bus/fslmc: fix size of qman fq descriptor
      mempool/dpaa2: install missing header with meson

Honnappa Nagarahalli (3):
      timer: protect initialization with lock
      service: fix race condition for MT unsafe service
      service: fix identification of service running on other lcore

Hyong Youb Kim (1):
      net/enic: fix flow action reordering

Igor Chauskin (2):
      net/ena/base: make allocation macros thread-safe
      net/ena/base: prevent allocation of zero sized memory

Igor Romanov (9):
      net/sfc: fix initialization error path
      net/sfc: fix Rx queue start failure path
      net/sfc: fix promiscuous and allmulticast toggles errors
      net/sfc: set priority of created filters to manual
      net/sfc/base: reduce filter priorities to implemented only
      net/sfc/base: reject automatic filter creation by users
      net/sfc/base: refactor filter lookup loop in EF10
      net/sfc/base: handle manual and auto filter clashes in EF10
      net/sfc/base: fix manual filter delete in EF10

Itsuro Oda (2):
      net/vhost: fix potential memory leak on close
      vhost: make IOTLB cache name unique among processes

Ivan Dyukov (3):
      net/virtio-user: fix devargs parsing
      app: remove extra new line after link duplex
      examples: remove extra new line after link duplex

Jasvinder Singh (3):
      net/softnic: fix memory leak for thread
      net/softnic: fix resource leak for pipeline
      examples/ip_pipeline: remove check of null response

Jeff Guo (3):
      net/i40e: fix setting L2TAG
      net/iavf: fix setting L2TAG
      net/ice: fix setting L2TAG

Jiawei Wang (1):
      net/mlx5: fix imissed counter overflow

Jim Harris (1):
      contigmem: cleanup properly when load fails

Jun Yang (1):
      net/dpaa2: fix congestion ID for multiple traffic classes

Junyu Jiang (4):
      examples/vmdq: fix output of pools/queues
      examples/vmdq: fix RSS configuration
      net/ice: fix RSS advanced rule
      net/ice: fix crash in switch filter

Juraj Linkeš (1):
      ci: fix telemetry dependency in Travis

Július Milan (1):
      net/memif: fix init when already connected

Kalesh AP (9):
      net/bnxt: fix HWRM command during FW reset
      net/bnxt: use true/false for bool types
      net/bnxt: fix port start failure handling
      net/bnxt: fix VLAN add when port is stopped
      net/bnxt: fix VNIC Rx queue count on VNIC free
      net/bnxt: fix number of TQM ring
      net/bnxt: fix TQM ring context memory size
      app/testpmd: fix memory failure handling for i40e DDP
      net/bnxt: fix storing MAC address twice

Kevin Traynor (9):
      net/hinic: fix snprintf length of cable info
      net/hinic: fix repeating cable log and length check
      net/avp: fix gcc 10 maybe-uninitialized warning
      examples/ipsec-gw: fix gcc 10 maybe-uninitialized warning
      eal/x86: ignore gcc 10 stringop-overflow warnings
      net/mlx5: fix gcc 10 enum-conversion warning
      crypto/kasumi: fix extern declaration
      drivers/crypto: disable gcc 10 no-common errors
      build: disable gcc 10 zero-length-bounds warning

Konstantin Ananyev (1):
      security: fix crash at accessing non-implemented ops

Lijun Ou (4):
      net/hns3: fix configuring RSS hash when rules are flushed
      net/hns3: add RSS hash offload to capabilities
      net/hns3: fix RSS key length
      net/hns3: fix RSS indirection table configuration

Linsi Yuan (1):
      net/bnxt: fix possible stack smashing

Louise Kilheeney (1):
      examples/l2fwd-keepalive: fix mbuf pool size

Luca Boccassi (4):
      fix various typos found by Lintian
      usertools: check for pci.ids in /usr/share/misc
      Revert "net/bnxt: fix TQM ring context memory size"
      Revert "net/bnxt: fix number of TQM ring"

Lukasz Bartosik (1):
      event/octeontx2: fix queue removal from Rx adapter

Lukasz Wojciechowski (5):
      drivers/crypto: fix log type variables for -fno-common
      security: fix verification of parameters
      security: fix return types in documentation
      security: fix session counter
      test: remove redundant macro

Marvin Liu (5):
      vhost: fix packed ring zero-copy
      vhost: fix shadow update
      vhost: fix shadowed descriptors not flushed
      net/virtio: fix crash when device reconnecting
      net/virtio: fix unexpected event after reconnect

Matteo Croce (1):
      doc: fix LTO config option

Mattias Rönnblom (3):
      event/dsw: remove redundant control ring poll
      event/dsw: remove unnecessary read barrier
      event/dsw: avoid reusing previously recorded events

Michael Baum (2):
      net/mlx5: fix meter color register consideration
      net/mlx4: fix drop queue error handling

Michael Haeuptle (1):
      vfio: fix race condition with sysfs

Michal Krawczyk (5):
      net/ena/base: fix documentation of functions
      net/ena/base: fix indentation in CQ polling
      net/ena/base: fix indentation of multiple defines
      net/ena: set IO ring size to valid value
      net/ena/base: fix testing for supported hash function

Min Hu (Connor) (3):
      net/hns3: fix configuring illegal VLAN PVID
      net/hns3: fix mailbox opcode data type
      net/hns3: fix VLAN PVID when configuring device

Mit Matelske (1):
      eal/freebsd: fix queuing duplicate alarm callbacks

Mohsin Shaikh (1):
      net/mlx5: use open/read/close for ib stats query

Muhammad Bilal (2):
      fix same typo in multiple places
      doc: fix typo in contributors guide

Nagadheeraj Rottela (2):
      crypto/nitrox: fix CSR register address generation
      crypto/nitrox: fix oversized device name

Nicolas Chautru (2):
      baseband/turbo_sw: fix exposed LLR decimals assumption
      bbdev: fix doxygen comments

Nithin Dabilpuram (2):
      devtools: fix symbol map change check
      net/octeontx2: disable unnecessary error interrupts

Olivier Matz (3):
      test/kvargs: fix to consider empty elements as valid
      test/kvargs: fix invalid cases check
      kvargs: fix invalid token parsing on FreeBSD

Ophir Munk (1):
      net/mlx5: fix VLAN PCP item calculation

Ori Kam (1):
      eal/ppc: fix bool type after altivec include

Pablo de Lara (4):
      cryptodev: add asymmetric session-less feature name
      test/crypto: fix flag check
      crypto/openssl: fix out-of-place encryption
      doc: add NASM installation steps

Pavan Nikhilesh (4):
      net/octeontx2: fix device configuration sequence
      eventdev: fix probe and remove for secondary process
      common/octeontx: fix gcc 9.1 ABI break
      app/eventdev: check Tx adapter service ID

Phil Yang (2):
      service: remove rte prefix from static functions
      net/ixgbe: fix link state timing on fiber ports

Qi Zhang (10):
      net/ice: remove unnecessary variable
      net/ice: remove bulk alloc option
      net/ice/base: fix uninitialized stack variables
      net/ice/base: read PSM clock frequency from register
      net/ice/base: minor fixes
      net/ice/base: fix MAC write command
      net/ice/base: fix binary order for GTPU filter
      net/ice/base: remove unused code in switch rule
      net/ice: fix variable initialization
      net/ice: fix RSS for GTPU

Qiming Yang (3):
      net/i40e: fix X722 performance
      doc: fix multicast filter feature announcement
      net/i40e: fix queue related exception handling

Rahul Gupta (2):
      net/bnxt: fix memory leak during queue restart
      net/bnxt: fix Rx ring producer index

Rasesh Mody (3):
      net/qede: fix link state configuration
      net/qede: fix port reconfiguration
      examples/kni: fix MTU change to setup Tx queue

Raslan Darawsheh (4):
      net/mlx5: fix validation of VXLAN/VXLAN-GPE specs
      app/testpmd: add parsing for QinQ VLAN headers
      net/mlx5: fix matching for UDP tunnels with Verbs
      doc: fix build issue in ABI guide

Ray Kinsella (1):
      doc: fix default symbol binding in ABI guide

Rohit Raj (1):
      net/dpaa2: fix 10G port negotiation

Roland Qi (1):
      vhost: fix peer close check

Ruifeng Wang (2):
      test: skip some subtests in no-huge mode
      test/ipsec: fix crash in session destroy

Sarosh Arif (1):
      doc: fix typo in contributors guide

Shougang Wang (2):
      net/ixgbe: fix link status after port reset
      net/i40e: fix queue region in RSS flow

Simei Su (1):
      net/ice: support mark only action for flow director

Sivaprasad Tummala (1):
      vhost: handle mbuf allocation failure

Somnath Kotur (2):
      bus/pci: fix devargs on probing again
      net/bnxt: fix max ring count

Stephen Hemminger (24):
      ethdev: fix spelling
      net/mvneta: do not use PMD log type
      net/virtio: do not use PMD log type
      net/tap: do not use PMD log type
      net/pfe: do not use PMD log type
      net/bnxt: do not use PMD log type
      net/dpaa: use dynamic log type
      net/thunderx: use dynamic log type
      net/netvsc: propagate descriptor limits from VF
      net/netvsc: handle Rx packets during multi-channel setup
      net/netvsc: split send buffers from Tx descriptors
      net/netvsc: fix memory free on device close
      net/netvsc: remove process event optimization
      net/netvsc: handle Tx completions based on burst size
      net/netvsc: avoid possible live lock
      lpm6: fix comments spelling
      eal: fix comments spelling
      net/netvsc: fix comment spelling
      bus/vmbus: fix comment spelling
      net/netvsc: do RSS across Rx queue only
      net/netvsc: do not configure RSS if disabled
      net/tap: fix crash in flow destroy
      eal: fix C++17 compilation
      net/vmxnet3: handle bad host framing

Suanming Mou (3):
      net/mlx5: fix counter container usage
      net/mlx5: fix meter suffix table leak
      net/mlx5: fix jump table leak

Sunil Kumar Kori (1):
      eal: fix log message print for regex

Tao Zhu (3):
      net/ice: fix hash flow crash
      net/ixgbe: fix link status inconsistencies
      net/ixgbe: fix resource leak after thread exits normally

Thomas Monjalon (13):
      drivers/crypto: fix build with make 4.3
      doc: fix sphinx compatibility
      log: fix level picked with globbing on type register
      doc: fix matrix CSS for recent sphinx
      common/mlx5: fix build with -fno-common
      net/mlx4: fix build with -fno-common
      common/mlx5: fix build with rdma-core 21
      app: fix usage help of options separated by dashes
      net/mvpp2: fix build with gcc 10
      examples/vm_power: fix build with -fno-common
      examples/vm_power: drop Unix path limit redefinition
      doc: fix build with doxygen 1.8.18
      doc: fix API index

Timothy Redaelli (6):
      crypto/octeontx2: fix build with gcc 10
      test: fix build with gcc 10
      app/pipeline: fix build with gcc 10
      examples/vhost_blk: fix build with gcc 10
      examples/eventdev: fix build with gcc 10
      examples/qos_sched: fix build with gcc 10

Ting Xu (1):
      app/testpmd: fix DCB set

Tonghao Zhang (2):
      eal: fix PRNG init with HPET enabled
      net/mlx5: fix crash when releasing meter table

Vadim Podovinnikov (1):
      net/memif: fix resource leak

Vamsi Attunuru (1):
      net/octeontx2: enable error and RAS interrupt in configure

Viacheslav Ovsiienko (2):
      net/mlx5: fix metadata for compressed Rx CQEs
      common/mlx5: fix netlink buffer allocation from stack

Vijaya Mohan Guvva (1):
      bus/pci: fix UIO resource access from secondary process

Vladimir Medvedkin (1):
      ipsec: check SAD lookup error

Wei Hu (Xavier) (10):
      vfio: fix use after free with multiprocess
      net/hns3: fix status after repeated resets
      net/hns3: fix return value when clearing statistics
      app/testpmd: fix statistics after reset
      net/hns3: support different numbers of Rx and Tx queues
      net/hns3: fix Tx interrupt when enabling Rx interrupt
      net/hns3: fix MSI-X interrupt during initialization
      net/hns3: remove unnecessary assignments in Tx
      net/hns3: remove one IO barrier in Rx
      net/hns3: add free threshold in Rx

Wei Zhao (8):
      net/ice: change default tunnel type
      net/ice: add action number check for switch
      net/ice: fix input set of VLAN item
      net/i40e: fix flow director for ARP packets
      doc: add i40e limitation for flow director
      net/i40e: fix flush of flow director filter
      net/i40e: fix wild pointer
      net/i40e: fix flow director enabling

Wisam Jaddo (3):
      net/mlx5: fix zero metadata action
      net/mlx5: fix zero value validation for metadata
      net/mlx5: fix VLAN ID check

Xiao Zhang (1):
      app/testpmd: fix PPPoE flow command

Xiaolong Ye (3):
      net/virtio: fix outdated comment
      vhost: remove unused variable
      doc: fix log level example in Linux guide

Xiaoyu Min (3):
      net/mlx5: fix push VLAN action to use item info
      net/mlx5: fix validation of push VLAN without full mask
      net/mlx5: fix RSS enablement

Xiaoyun Li (4):
      net/ixgbe/base: update copyright
      net/i40e/base: update copyright
      common/iavf: update copyright
      net/ice/base: update copyright

Xiaoyun Wang (7):
      net/hinic: allocate IO memory with socket id
      net/hinic: fix LRO
      net/hinic/base: fix port start during FW hot update
      net/hinic/base: fix PF firmware hot-active problem
      net/hinic: fix queues resource free
      net/hinic: fix Tx mbuf length while copying
      net/hinic: fix TSO

Xuan Ding (2):
      vhost: prevent zero-copy with incompatible client mode
      vhost: fix zero-copy server mode

Yisen Zhuang (1):
      net/hns3: reduce judgements of free Tx ring space

Yunjian Wang (16):
      kvargs: fix buffer overflow when parsing list
      net/tap: remove unused assert
      net/nfp: fix dangling pointer on probe failure
      net/pfe: fix double free of MAC address
      net/tap: fix mbuf double free when writev fails
      net/tap: fix mbuf and mem leak during queue release
      net/tap: fix check for mbuf number of segment
      net/tap: fix file close on remove
      net/tap: fix fd leak on creation failure
      net/tap: fix unexpected link handler
      net/tap: fix queues fd check before close
      net/octeontx: fix dangling pointer on init failure
      crypto/ccp: fix fd leak on probe failure
      net/failsafe: fix fd leak
      crypto/caam_jr: fix check of file descriptors
      crypto/caam_jr: fix IRQ functions return type

Yuri Chipchev (1):
      event/dsw: fix enqueue burst return value

Zhihong Peng (1):
      net/ixgbe: fix link status synchronization on BSD

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