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From: "Huang, Wei" <>
To: Christian Ehrhardt <>,
	dpdk stable <>
Subject: Re: [dpdk-stable] please help backporting some patches to stable release 19.11.9
Date: Fri, 21 May 2021 09:03:56 +0000
Message-ID: <> (raw)
In-Reply-To: <>

Hi Christian,

Below patch should not be backported
687833fffa  Wei Huang        raw/ifpga/base: check size before assigning

So the patch can be backported to 19.11 is
978bb0b33f  Wei Huang        raw/ifpga: fix device name format


-----Original Message-----
From: Christian Ehrhardt <> 
Sent: Thursday, May 20, 2021 15:56
Cc: Aaron Conole <>; Ajit Khaparde <>; Alexander Kozyrev <>; Anand Rawat <>; Andrew Rybchenko <>; Andrew Rybchenko <>; Andy Gospodarek <>; Xing, Beilei <>; Iremonger, Bernard <>; Bing Zhao <>; Richardson, Bruce <>; Chengchang Tang <>; Chengwen Feng <>; David Marchand <>; Dmitry Kozlyuk <>; Yigit, Ferruh <>; Wang, Haiyue <>; Harini Ramakrishnan <>; Hemant Agrawal <>; Hongbo Zheng <>; Honnappa Nagarahalli <>; Huisong Li <>; Hyong Youb Kim <>; Igor Russkikh <>; Ilya Maximets <>; Jakub Grajciar <>; Jens Freimann <>; Jerin Jacob <>; Jiawen Wu <>; Wu, Jingjing <>; Daley, John <>; Mcnamara, John <>; Kalesh AP <>; Laatz, Kevin <>; Kevin Traynor <>; Kiran Kumar K <>; Ananyev, Konstantin <>; Lance Richardson <>; Lijun Ou <>; Luca Boccassi <>; Luc Pelletier <>; Lukasz Wojciechowski <>; Kovacevic, Marko <>; Matan Azrad <>; Maxime Coquelin <>; Michael Santana <>; Min Hu (Connor) <>; Yang, MurphyX <>; Natanael Copa <>; Nithin Dabilpuram <>; Odi Assli <>; Olivier Matz <>; Omar Cardona <>; Ori Kam <>; Pavan Nikhilesh <>; Pavel Belous <>; Pu Xu <>; Yang, Qiming <>; Zhang, Qi Z <>; Menon, Ranjit <>; Rasesh Mody <>; Ravi Kumar <>; Xu, Rosen <>; Sachin Saxena <>; Shahaf Shuler <>; Shahed Shaikh <>; Shun Hao <>; Somnath Kotur <>; Tal Shnaiderman <>; Tengfei Zhang <>; Thomas Monjalon <>; Zhang, Tianfei <>; Tiwei Bie <>; Vamsi Attunuru <>; Viacheslav Ovsiienko <>; Huang, Wei <>; Wei Hu (Xavier) <>; Lu, Wenzhuo <>; Li, Xiaoyun <>; Yisen Zhuang <>; Zhihong Wang <>
Subject: please help backporting some patches to stable release 19.11.9

Hi commit authors (and maintainers),

First of all I have to apoligize, you might think "haven't I seen this before?".
Yes you have, but the first time due to a script accident and myself not being suspicious enough I've sent the mail to a way too big receipient list.
Other than the joy of having to excuse a lot this also meant that quite some mail servers seem to have blocked this.
Therefore (and since I touched it anyway looking at 21.05-rc4 today) I thought it might be good to send this again.
Finally since I'm out next week anyway I extended the usual deadline a bit and hope that will help to backport some of these changes.

I didn't apply following commits from DPDK main to 19.11 stable branch, as conflicts or build errors occur.

Can authors check your patches in the following list and either:
    - Backport your patches to the 19.11 branch, or
    - Indicate that the patch should not be backported

Please do either of the above by 05/30/21.

You can find the a temporary work-in-progress branch 19.11 of the coming 19.11.9 release in branch 19.11 at:
It is recommended to backport on top of that to minimize further conflicts or misunderstandings.

Some notes on stable backports:

A backport should contain a reference to the DPDK main branch commit in it's commit message in the following fashion:
    [ upstream commit <commit's dpdk main branch SHA-1 checksum> ]

For example:

When sending the backported patch, please indicate the target branch in the subject line, as we have multiple branches, for example:
    [PATCH 19.11.9] foo/bar: fix baz

With git format-patch, this can be achieved by appending the parameter:
    --subject-prefix='PATCH 19.11.9'

Please send the backported patch to myself and "" but not "".


Christian Ehrhardt <>

e2895305a5  Ajit Khaparde    net/bnxt: fix resource cleanup
144127ba56  Alexander Kozyrev net/mlx5: adjust modify field action endianness 0588d64ffd  Alexander Kozyrev net/mlx5: check extended metadata for mark modification
8660e202b3  Alexander Kozyrev net/mlx5: check field size in modify field action
5cc6764267  Alexander Kozyrev net/mlx5: reject tunnel ID modification
25fb790f78  Chengchang Tang  net/hns3: fix HW buffer size on MTU update
1e28e842e0  Chengchang Tang  net/hns3: fix imprecise statistics 6911e7c22c  Chengchang Tang  net/hns3: fix long task queue pairs reset time a1d0caa92c  Chengchang Tang  net/hns3: fix processing Tx offload flags
d566bfcff0  Chengchang Tang  net/hns3: fix timing in mailbox
fde636caf4  Chengchang Tang  net/hns3: fix timing in resetting queues
8f01e2f847  Chengchang Tang  net/hns3: fix Tx checksum for UDP packets with special port a32eaf435a  Chengchang Tang  net/hns3: fix use of command status enumeration
d7ec2c0765  Chengchang Tang  net/hns3: select Tx prepare based on Tx offload
ec2ed976ac  Chengwen Feng    net/hns3: delete mailbox arq ring
fae9b062b0  Chengwen Feng    net/hns3: fix handling link update
7d6df32cf7  Chengwen Feng    net/hns3: fix missing outer L4 UDP flag for VXLAN
c8dec72de0  Chengwen Feng    net/hns3: fix possible mismatched response of mailbox
76a3836b98  Chengwen Feng    net/hns3: fix setting default MAC address in bonding of VF
1f303606e8  Chengwen Feng    net/hns3: fix some packet types
78dbb6f999  Chengwen Feng    net/hns3: fix time delta calculation
b80c527a9c  Chengwen Feng    net/hns3: increase readability in logs
e316530d79  Chengwen Feng    net/hns3: remove VLAN/QinQ ptypes from support list
3cd7290c16  David Marchand   ci: catch coredumps
3e08081637  David Marchand   eal: fix evaluation of log level option
ca7036b4af  David Marchand   vhost: fix offload flags in Rx path
d345d6c957  Ferruh Yigit     drivers/net: fix FW version query
f9f24ecd79  Hongbo Zheng     net/hns3: fix concurrent interrupt handling
230d4940ed  Huisong Li       net/hns3: fix link speed when port is down
64308555d5  Huisong Li       net/hns3: fix link status when port is stopped
398ee80192  Huisong Li       net/hns3: fix link update when failed to get link info
17ff95283f  Huisong Li       net/hns3: remove redundant mailbox response
23abee9dea  Ilya Maximets    net/virtio: fix interrupt unregistering for listening socket
5aa67931ec  John Daley       net/enic: fix flow initialization error handling
4f28d9a1a6  Kalesh AP        net/bnxt: drop unused attribute
39a03b401e  Kalesh AP        net/bnxt: fix double free in port start failure
94131e4ab7  Kalesh AP        net/bnxt: fix firmware fatal error handling
4f1d8fdc3f  Kalesh AP        net/bnxt: fix memory allocation for command response
53f98141ee  Kalesh AP        net/bnxt: fix PTP support for Thor
ab15dd5a1c  Kalesh AP        net/bnxt: fix timesync when PTP is not supported
01406837bf  Kalesh AP        net/bnxt: fix VF info allocation
25fefa2b17  Lance Richardson net/bnxt: fix Rx descriptor status
af68c1d699  Luc Pelletier    eal: fix hang in control thread creation
34cc55cce6  Luc Pelletier    eal: fix race in control thread creation
e6988afdc7  Matan Azrad      net/mlx5: fix imissed statistics
53ef1b3477  Min Hu (Connor)  ethdev: add sanity checks in control APIs
4a072ad434  Murphy Yang      net/i40e: fix flow director config after flow validate
ff04964ea6  Murphy Yang      net/i40e: fix flow director for common pctypes
052a5d3867  Pavan Nikhilesh  event/octeontx2: fix XAQ pool reconfigure
1edf7a796d  Pu Xu            ip_frag: fix fragmenting IPv4 packet with header option
83306d6c46  Shun Hao         net/mlx5: fix meter statistics
eac4fc71cd  Somnath Kotur    net/bnxt: fix xstats get
16afcbfa30  Tal Shnaiderman  eal/windows: fix default thread priority
e412a138db  Tengfei Zhang    net/pcap: fix file descriptor leak on close
c6d527a1c8  Thomas Monjalon  app/testpmd: fix usage text
e0ae50c687  Thomas Monjalon  build: remove redundant _GNU_SOURCE definitions 204a7f44bc  Thomas Monjalon  bus/pci: support I/O port operations with musl e0473c6d5b  Thomas Monjalon  eal: fix build with musl
569ffbc981  Viacheslav Ovsiienko common/mlx5: add timestamp format support to DevX
da845ae9d7  Viacheslav Ovsiienko net/mlx5: fix drop action for Direct Rules/Verbs
d61381ad46  Viacheslav Ovsiienko net/mlx5: support timestamp format
687833fffa  Wei Huang        raw/ifpga/base: check size before assigning
978bb0b33f  Wei Huang        raw/ifpga: fix device name format

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