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From: Christian Ehrhardt <christian.ehrhardt@canonical.com>
To: dev <dev@dpdk.org>
Cc: Luca Boccassi <bluca@debian.org>,
	Christian Ehrhardt <christian.ehrhardt@canonical.com>
Subject: [dpdk-dev] [RFC] avoid libfdt checks adding full paths to pkg-config
Date: Tue,  1 Sep 2020 17:58:47 +0200
Message-ID: <20200901155847.3528114-1-christian.ehrhardt@canonical.com> (raw)

The checks for libfdt try dependency() first which would only work if
a pkg-config would be present but libfdt has none.
Then it probes for the lib path itself via cc.find_library.

But later it adds the result of either probe to ext_deps which ends up
in build and also the resulting pkg-config to contain toolchain versioned
paths in Libs.private like:
which obviously breaks on toolchain updates.

In general libs used multiple times - ipn3ke + ifpga in this case - are
checked centrally in config/meson.build so move it there and fix the
adding of dependencies to not use the full file path.

The result is libfdt in pkg-config now showing up as:
  Libs.private: -pthread -lm -ldl -lnuma -lfdt -lpcap

Signed-off-by: Christian Ehrhardt <christian.ehrhardt@canonical.com>
 config/meson.build             | 9 +++++++++
 drivers/net/ipn3ke/meson.build | 6 +-----
 drivers/raw/ifpga/meson.build  | 7 +------
 3 files changed, 11 insertions(+), 11 deletions(-)

diff --git a/config/meson.build b/config/meson.build
index cff8b33dd2..1c8317e750 100644
--- a/config/meson.build
+++ b/config/meson.build
@@ -150,6 +150,15 @@ if numa_dep.found() and cc.has_header('numaif.h')
 	dpdk_extra_ldflags += '-lnuma'
+has_libfdt = 0
+fdt_dep = cc.find_library('libfdt', required: false)
+if fdt_dep.found() and cc.has_header('fdt.h')
+	dpdk_conf.set10('RTE_HAS_LIBFDT', true)
+	has_libfdt = 1
+	add_project_link_arguments('-lfdt', language: 'c')
+	dpdk_extra_ldflags += '-lfdt'
 # check for libbsd
 libbsd = dependency('libbsd', required: false)
 if libbsd.found()
diff --git a/drivers/net/ipn3ke/meson.build b/drivers/net/ipn3ke/meson.build
index ec9cb7daf0..de6e03ca65 100644
--- a/drivers/net/ipn3ke/meson.build
+++ b/drivers/net/ipn3ke/meson.build
@@ -9,11 +9,7 @@
 #  rte_eth_switch_domain_free()
-dep = dependency('libfdt', required: false)
-if not dep.found()
-	dep = cc.find_library('libfdt', required: false)
-if not dep.found()
+if has_libnuma == 0
 	build = false
 	reason = 'missing dependency, "libfdt"'
diff --git a/drivers/raw/ifpga/meson.build b/drivers/raw/ifpga/meson.build
index 05a1711b5d..d4a128d67e 100644
--- a/drivers/raw/ifpga/meson.build
+++ b/drivers/raw/ifpga/meson.build
@@ -1,11 +1,7 @@
 # SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-3-Clause
 # Copyright(c) 2018 Intel Corporation
-dep = dependency('libfdt', required: false)
-if not dep.found()
-	dep = cc.find_library('libfdt', required: false)
-if not dep.found()
+if has_libnuma == 0
 	build = false
 	reason = 'missing dependency, "libfdt"'
@@ -16,7 +12,6 @@ objs = [base_objs]
 deps += ['ethdev', 'rawdev', 'pci', 'bus_pci', 'kvargs',
 	'bus_vdev', 'bus_ifpga', 'net', 'pmd_i40e', 'pmd_ipn3ke']
-ext_deps += dep
 sources = files('ifpga_rawdev.c')

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