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* [dpdk-dev] 18.11.11 (LTS) patches review and test
@ 2020-12-17 12:03 Kevin Traynor
  2020-12-23  9:41 ` Pei Zhang
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From: Kevin Traynor @ 2020-12-17 12:03 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: stable
  Cc: dev, Abhishek Marathe, Akhil Goyal, Ali Alnubani,
	benjamin.walker, David Christensen, Hemant Agrawal, Ian Stokes,
	Jerin Jacob, John McNamara, Ju-Hyoung Lee, Kevin Traynor,
	Luca Boccassi, Pei Zhang, pingx.yu, qian.q.xu, Raslan Darawsheh,
	Thomas Monjalon, yuan.peng, zhaoyan.chen,

Hi all,

Here is a list of patches targeted for LTS release 18.11.11.

The planned date for the final release is 19th January.

Note, this is the last planned release of 18.11 LTS, and it will be
unmaintained after this release, so I encourage anyone who is using
18.11 LTS to test.

Please help with testing and validation of your use cases and report
any issues/results with reply-all to this mail. For the final release
the fixes and reported validations will be added to the release notes.

A release candidate tarball can be found at:


These patches are located at branch 18.11 of dpdk-stable repo:



Ajit Khaparde (1):
      net/bnxt: fix resetting mbuf data offset

Alexander Kozyrev (1):
      net/mlx5: fix Rx queue count calculation

Anatoly Burakov (2):
      doc: clarify instructions on running as non-root
      doc: update information on using hugepages

Andrew Rybchenko (1):
      doc: fix EF10 Rx mode name in sfc guide

Ankur Dwivedi (2):
      test/crypto: fix device number
      test/event: fix function arguments for crypto adapter

Beilei Xing (1):
      net/i40e: fix flow director for eth + VLAN pattern

Bernard Iremonger (1):
      net/i40e: fix flow director initialisation

Bruce Richardson (9):
      doc: fix formatting of notes in meson guide
      build: skip detecting libpcap via pcap-config
      eal/x86: fix memcpy AVX-512 enablement
      doc: add SPDX license tag header to meson guide
      app: fix missing dependencies
      examples/l2fwd-crypto: fix missing dependency
      examples/vm_power: fix build on Ubuntu 20.04
      examples/multi_process: fix build on Ubuntu 20.04
      examples/l2fwd-keepalive: skip meson build if no librt

Chas Williams (2):
      net: check segment pointer in raw checksum processing
      net/virtio: check raw checksum failure

Chenbo Xia (2):
      app: fix ethdev port id size
      doc: fix ethdev port id size

Chengchang Tang (4):
      app/testpmd: fix port id check in Tx VLAN command
      app/testpmd: fix VLAN configuration on failure
      app/testpmd: remove restriction on Tx segments set
      app/testpmd: fix descriptor id check

Ciara Power (2):
      doc: fix typo in KNI guide
      usertools: fix CPU layout script to be PEP8 compliant

Conor Walsh (1):
      net/ixgbe: check switch domain allocation result

David Christensen (1):
      net/vhost: fix xstats after clearing stats

David Marchand (11):
      eal: fix parallel build
      crypto/scheduler: fix header install with meson
      bus/pci: remove duplicate declaration
      mem: fix allocation in container with SELinux
      eal: fix doxygen for EAL cleanup
      crypto/dpaa2_sec: remove dead code
      net/ena: remove unused macro
      devtools: fix directory filter in forbidden token check
      examples/kni: fix build with pkg-config
      examples/l2fwd-crypto: fix build with pkg-config
      examples/performance-thread: fix build with pkg-config

Dekel Peled (1):
      net/mlx5: fix match on empty VLAN item in DV mode

Devendra Singh Rawat (1):
      net/qede: fix milliseconds sleep macro

Didier Pallard (3):
      common/qat: add missing kmod dependency info
      net/mlx5: fix Rx descriptor status
      crypto/octeontx: fix out-of-place support

Dongsheng Rong (1):
      net/bonding: fix Rx queue conversion

Erik Gabriel Carrillo (1):
      timer: add limitation note for sync stop and reset

Eugenio Pérez (1):
      vhost: fix IOTLB mempool single-consumer flag

Fan Zhang (3):
      port: remove useless assignment
      examples/fips_validation: fix missed version line
      vhost/crypto: fix feature negotiation

Ferruh Yigit (5):
      ethdev: remove redundant license text
      app/testpmd: fix build with gcc 11
      pmdinfogen: fix build with gcc 11
      net/netvsc: replace compiler builtin overflow check
      net/i40e: fix build for log format specifier

Gaetan Rivet (1):
      net/failsafe: fix state synchro cleanup

Gregory Etelson (2):
      examples/l3fwd-power: check packet types after start
      net/mlx5: fix representor interrupts handler

Guinan Sun (4):
      net/i40e/base: fix function header arguments
      net/i40e/base: fix Rx only for unicast promisc on VLAN
      net/i40e: fix link status
      net/i40e: fix recreating flexible flow director rule

Haggai Eran (1):
      cryptodev: fix parameter parsing

Haiyue Wang (1):
      net/ixgbe: remove redundant MAC flag check

Heinrich Kuhn (2):
      net/nfp: expand device info get
      doc: improve multiport PF in nfp guide

Hemant Agrawal (1):
      crypto/dpaa2_sec: fix stats query without queue pair

Honnappa Nagarahalli (2):
      ethdev: fix memory ordering for callback functions
      examples/performance-thread: fix build with low core count

Huisong Li (1):
      app/testpmd: fix displaying Rx/Tx queues information

Ibtisam Tariq (3):
      examples/qos_sched: fix usage string
      examples/vhost_crypto: add new line character in usage
      doc: fix rule file parameters in l3fwd-acl guide

Igor Romanov (1):
      net/sfc/base: fix tunnel configuration

Jeff Guo (6):
      net/ixgbe: fix vector Rx
      net/i40e: fix vector Rx
      net/fm10k: fix vector Rx
      net/avf: fix command after PF reset
      net/avf: fix flow flush after PF reset
      net/avf: fix vector Rx

John McNamara (1):
      license: add licenses for exception cases

Julien Massonneau (1):
      usertools: fix pmdinfo parsing

Junyu Jiang (2):
      net/avf: fix RSS RETA settings invalid
      net/i40e: fix byte counters

Kalesh AP (7):
      net/bnxt: fix flow error on filter creation
      net/bnxt: fix endianness while setting L4 destination port
      net/bnxt: fix structure variable initialization
      net/bnxt: fix UDP tunnel port removal
      net/bnxt: fix boolean operator usage
      net/bnxt: fix drop enable in get Rx queue info
      net/bnxt: increase size of Rx CQ

Karra Satwik (1):
      net/cxgbe: fix duplicate MAC addresses in MPS TCAM

Kevin Laatz (1):
      net/ring: check internal arguments

Kevin Traynor (4):
      maintainers: update maintainer names and emails
      kni: fix ethtool build error on kernel 5.9
      Revert "app/testpmd: fix descriptor id check"
      Revert "app/testpmd: remove restriction on Tx segments set"

Konstantin Ananyev (1):
      doc: fix missing classify methods in ACL guide

Lance Richardson (1):
      net/bnxt: fix queue get info

Leyi Rong (1):
      net/avf: fix performance drop after port reset

Lijun Ou (1):
      app/testpmd: fix RSS key for flow API RSS rule

Long Li (4):
      net/netvsc: fix multiple channel Rx
      net/netvsc: fix stale value after free
      net/netvsc: allocate contiguous physical memory for RNDIS
      net/vdev_netvsc: fix device probing error flow

Luca Boccassi (1):
      fix spellings that Lintian complains about

Lukasz Wojciechowski (17):
      raw/skeleton: reset test statistics
      raw/skeleton: allow closing already closed device
      distributor: fix handshake synchronization
      distributor: fix handshake deadlock
      distributor: fix buffer use after free
      distributor: handle worker shutdown in burst mode
      test/distributor: fix shutdown of busy worker
      distributor: fix return pkt calls in single mode
      test/distributor: fix freeing mbufs
      test/distributor: fix lcores statistics
      test/distributor: collect return mbufs
      distributor: fix API documentation
      test/distributor: fix race conditions on shutdown
      distributor: fix scalar matching
      distributor: fix flushing in flight packets
      distributor: fix clearing returns buffer
      test/distributor: fix quitting workers in burst mode

Matan Azrad (1):
      net/mlx5: fix tunnel flow prioriity

Maxime Coquelin (10):
      vdpa/ifc: fix build with recent kernels
      vhost: fix virtio-net header length with packed ring
      vhost: fix virtqueues metadata allocation
      vhost: validate index in available entries API
      vhost: validate index in guest notification API
      config: enable packet prefetching with Meson
      vhost: fix virtqueue initialization
      vhost: fix error path when setting memory tables
      vhost: fix fd leak in dirty logging setup
      vhost: fix fd leak in kick setup

Maxime Leroy (1):
      net/mlx5: fix Rx queue count calculation

Michael Baum (1):
      net/mlx5: remove unused variable in Tx queue creation

Michal Krawczyk (3):
      net/ena/base: use min/max macros with type conversion
      net/ena/base: specify delay operations
      net/ena/base: fix release of wait event

Min Hu (Connor) (1):
      app/testpmd: fix bonding xmit balance policy command

Mohsin Shaikh (1):
      net/mlx5: use open/read/close for ib stats query

Nick Connolly (1):
      mem: fix allocation failure on non-NUMA kernel

Olivier Matz (4):
      net/ring: fix typo in log message
      examples/multi_process: fix compilation
      examples/fips_validation: fix buffer overflow
      kni: fix build on RHEL 8.3

Ophir Munk (1):
      net/mlx5: remove unused log macros

Ori Kam (1):
      net/mlx5: fix selection between encap and decap

Padraig Connolly (1):
      net/i40e: fix QinQ flow pattern to allow non full mask

Pavan Nikhilesh (2):
      mempool/octeontx: fix aura to pool mapping
      app/eventdev: check timer adadpters number

Prateek Agarwal (1):
      net/i40e: add C++ include guard

Qi Zhang (1):
      net/avf: fix iterator for RSS LUT

Rahul Gupta (2):
      net/bnxt: fix for memleak during queue restart
      net/bnxt: fix to advance producer index

Rahul Lakkireddy (1):
      net/cxgbe: fix queue DMA ring leaks during port close

Rasesh Mody (2):
      net/qede: fix getting link details
      net/bnx2x: add QLogic vendor id for BCM57840

Rohit Raj (1):
      bus/fslmc: fix dpio close

RongQing Li (1):
      net/bonding: fix possible unbalanced packet receiving

Ruifeng Wang (2):
      net/i40e: support aarch32
      test/crypto: fix stats test

Sachin Saxena (2):
      net/dpaa2: fix misuse of interface index
      doc: fix diagram in dpaa2 guide

Sarosh Arif (3):
      doc: fix typo in pcap guide
      test/distributor: fix mbuf leak on failure
      doc: fix grammar

Shiri Kuzin (1):
      net/mlx5: fix xstats reset reinitialization

Shougang Wang (2):
      net/i40e: fix filter pctype
      net/i40e: fix queue region in RSS flow

Somnath Kotur (3):
      net/bnxt: fix shift operation
      net/bnxt: fix checking VNIC in shutdown path
      net/bnxt: fix queue release

Stephen Hemminger (3):
      net/failsafe: fix double space in warning log
      net/netvsc: check for overflow on packet info from host
      doc: add SPDX license tag header to Intel performance guide

Steve Yang (3):
      net/iavf: downgrade error log
      net/ixgbe: fix VF reset HW error handling
      net/avf: fix scattered Rx enabling

Suanming Mou (1):
      net/mlx5: fix secondary process resources release

Thomas Monjalon (5):
      eal: remove useless makefiles
      bus/pci: remove unused scan by address
      mem: fix config name in error logs
      ethdev: move non-offload capabilities
      net/mlx: fix overlinking with meson and glue dlopen

Ting Xu (2):
      table: fix hash for 32-bit
      net/avf: fix releasing mbufs

Viacheslav Ovsiienko (2):
      net/mlx5: fix netlink buffer allocation from stack
      net/mlx5: fix PCI address lookup

Yi Yang (1):
      gso: fix payload unit size for UDP

Yunjian Wang (23):
      net/tap: free mempool when closing
      net/fm10k: fix memory leak when thresh check fails
      net/qede: fix dereference before null check
      vfio: fix group descriptor check
      bus/pci: fix memory leak when unmapping VFIO resource
      bus/pci: fix leak on VFIO mapping error
      net/fm10k: fix memory leak when Tx thresh check fails
      raw/dpaa2_qdma: fix reset
      eventdev: check allocation in Tx adapter
      event/dpaa2: fix dereference before null check
      eventdev: fix adapter leak in error path
      net/netvsc: fix Tx queue leak in error path
      eal/linux: fix memory leak in uevent handling
      efd: fix tailq entry leak in error path
      eal: fix leak on device event callback unregister
      baseband/turbo_sw: fix memory leak in error path
      net/mvpp2: fix memory leak in error path
      net/thunderx: fix memory leak on rbdr desc ring failure
      ethdev: fix data type for port id
      compress/isal: check allocation in queue setup
      malloc: fix style in free list index computation
      net/bnxt: fix memory leak when freeing VF info
      net/bnxt: add memory allocation check in VF info init

Yuying Zhang (1):
      net/i40e: fix virtual channel conflict

Zhenghua Zhou (1):
      app/testpmd: do not allow dynamic change of core number

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