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From: Kevin Traynor <>
To: dpdk stable <>
Cc: Ajit Khaparde <>,
	Akhil Goyal <>,
	Alexander Kozyrev <>,
	Anatoly Burakov <>,
	Andrew Rybchenko <>,
	Ankur Dwivedi <>,
	Apeksha Gupta <>,
	Archana Muniganti <>,
	Beilei Xing <>,
	Bernard Iremonger <>,
	Brian Johnson <>,
	Bruce Richardson <>,
	Chenbo Xia <>,
	Chengchang Tang <>,
	Chenxu Di <>,
	Chunsong Feng <>,
	David Marchand <>,
	Dekel Peled <>,
	Dharmik Thakkar <>,
	Didier Pallard <>,
	Erik Gabriel Carrillo <>,
	Fady Bader <>,
	Fan Zhang <>,
	Ferruh Yigit <>,
	Gagandeep Singh <>,
	Gregory Etelson <>,
	Guinan Sun <>,
	Guy Tzalik <>, Hailin Xu <>,
	Harman Kalra <>,
	Hemant Agrawal <>,
	Honnappa Nagarahalli <>,
	Huisong Li <>,
	Igor Chauskin <>,
	Igor Romanov <>,
	Jack Min <>, Jeff Guo <>,
	Jesse Brandeburg <>,
	Jiaqi Min <>,
	Jun W Zhou <>,
	Kalesh AP <>,
	Konstantin Ananyev <>,
	Lance Richardson <>,
	Lijian Zhang <>,
	Long Li <>, Luca Boccassi <>,
	Lunyuan Cui <>,
	Matan Azrad <>, Matan Azrad <>,
	Maxime Coquelin <>,
	Michael Baum <>,
	Michal Krawczyk <>, Min Hu <>,
	Min Wang <>,
	Mohsin Shaikh <>,
	Morten Brørup <>,
	Nan Chen <>,
	Nikhil Rao <>,
	Nipun Gupta <>,
	Olivier Matz <>,
	Ophir Munk <>, Ori Kam <>,
	Pablo de Lara <>,
	Pavan Nikhilesh <>,
	Phil Yang <>,
	Qiming Yang <>,
	Qingmin Liu <>,
	Qi Zhang <>,
	Radu Bulie <>,
	Rahul Lakkireddy <>,
	Ralf Hoffmann <>,
	Randy Schacher <>,
	Remy Horton <>,
	Reshma Pattan <>,
	Ruifeng Wang <>,
	Shiri Kuzin <>,
	Shougang Wang <>,
	Shy Shyman <>,
	Somnath Kotur <>,
	Stephen Hemminger <>,
	Suanming Mou <>,
	Tao Zhu <>,
	Thomas Monjalon <>,
	Tiwei Bie <>,
	Venkat Duvvuru <>,
	Viacheslav Ovsiienko <>,
	Viacheslav Ovsiienko <>,
	Wei Huang <>, Wei Hu <>,
	Wei Ling <>, Wei Zhao <>,
	Xiaolong Ye <>,
	Xueming Li <>,
	Yingya Han <>,
	Yu Jiang <>,
	Yunjian Wang <>
Subject: [dpdk-stable] please help backporting some patches to LTS release 18.11.11
Date: Tue, 24 Nov 2020 16:13:18 +0000
Message-ID: <> (raw)

Hi commit authors (and maintainers),

I didn't apply following commits from DPDK master to 18.11
LTS branch, as conflicts or build errors occur. Note, it may be
dependent on another patch below that has not been applied.

As it is the last 18.11 release and there will not be an opportunity to
fix any regressions, I would like to only take backports from the
below list at this stage *if* they are deemed important for the 18.11 branch.

Can authors check your patches in the following list and either:
    - Backport your important patches to the 18.11 branch, or
    - Indicate patch should be dropped from missed list and not backported, or
    - Take no action => patch will remain on missed list and not be backported

Please do the above by 12/02/20.

Some notes on LTS backports:

A backport should contain a reference to the DPDK master branch commit
in it's commit message in the following fashion:
    [ upstream commit <commit's dpdk master branch SHA-1 checksum> ]

For example:

When sending the backported patch, please indicate the target branch in the
subject line, as we have multiple branches, for example:
    [PATCH 18.11] foo/bar: fix baz

With git format-patch, this can be achieved by appending the parameter:
    --subject-prefix='PATCH 18.11'

Send the backported patch to "" but not "".

FYI, branch 18.11 is located at tree:



45c6e1c66  Ajit Khaparde    net/bnxt: increase size of Rx CQ
91d581dc1  Akhil Goyal      crypto/dpaa2_sec: fix HFN override
6d3f9917f  Anatoly Burakov  eal: fix memory config allocation for multi-process
b149a7064  Anatoly Burakov  eal/freebsd: add config reattach in secondary process
6080796f6  Anatoly Burakov  mem: make base address hint OS specific
4236694f0  Anatoly Burakov  mem: preallocate VA space in no-huge mode
be048a1aa  Andrew Rybchenko net/virtio: fix descriptor addressed in Tx
1526dd053  Andrew Rybchenko net/virtio: fix Tx checksum offloads
29fdc5bf4  Apeksha Gupta    test/crypto: fix statistics case
793650184  Archana Muniganti examples/fips_validation: fix version compatibility
ae08c73e6  Bernard Iremonger net/i40e: fix flow director initialisation
b0b672aea  Bruce Richardson build: add defines for compatibility with make build
e8a83681f  Bruce Richardson eal/x86: fix memcpy AVX-512 enablement
b253a6bbf  Chengchang Tang  app/testpmd: fix packet header in txonly mode
fe5d0e85b  Chenxu Di        net/i40e: fix flow director flex configuration
dcd05da0a  Dekel Peled      app/testpmd: fix GENEVE flow item
92818d839  Dekel Peled      net/mlx5: fix match on empty VLAN item in DV mode
ea81c1b81  Dekel Peled      net/mlx5: fix NVGRE matching
ff55182ce  Dekel Peled      net/mlx5: fix VLAN flow action with wildcard VLAN item
9c4971e52  Dekel Peled      net/mlx5: update VLAN and encap actions validation
16c011472  Didier Pallard   crypto/octeontx: fix out-of-place support
036d82365  Fady Bader       mempool: remove inline functions from export list
ea1b835a0  Fan Zhang        vhost/crypto: fix feature negotiation
f6e63e59e  Ferruh Yigit     app/testpmd: fix global variable multiple definitions
0b42b92ae  Ferruh Yigit     net/bnxt: fix xstats by id
c6887eca5  Gagandeep Singh  crypto/caam_jr: fix device tree parsing for SEC_ERA
ec8615607  Gagandeep Singh  crypto/dpaa_sec: fix IOVA conversions
750ff30a8  Gregory Etelson  net/mlx5: fix tunnel flow priority
3db12449e  Guinan Sun       net/i40e: fix link status
0acf70d47  Guinan Sun       net/i40e: fix recreating flexible flow director rule
9d10f53e4  Harman Kalra     test/metrics: fix second run
f6752f660  Igor Romanov     net/sfc: set priority of created filters to manual
1eab95fe2  Jeff Guo         net/iavf: fix command after PF reset
c02ea7410  Jeff Guo         net/iavf: fix flow flush after PF reset
851b22ff6  Jeff Guo         net/iavf: fix vector Rx
ead06572b  Jesse Brandeburg net/iavf: fix performance with writeback policy
c92f053d4  Kalesh AP        net/bnxt: fix L2 filter allocation
99ad2abc0  Kalesh AP        net/bnxt: fix speed setting on certain adapters
ce41561d1  Kalesh AP        net/bnxt: fix structure variable initialization
c4ae7adaf  Kalesh AP        net/bnxt: fix UDP tunnel port removal
a135e050a  Konstantin Ananyev examples/ipsec-secgw: fix packet length
47b707616  Lance Richardson net/bnxt: fix boolean operator usage
bd881e8d2  Lance Richardson net/bnxt: fix drop enable in get Rx queue info
06387be8e  Matan Azrad      net/mlx5: fix encap/decap validation
721c95301  Matan Azrad      net/mlx5: fix Rx scatter mode validation
050bfe033  Matan Azrad      net/mlx5: fix tunnel flow priority
c59898131  Maxime Coquelin  vhost: validate index in async API
8b3799531  Michael Baum     net/mlx5: remove unused calculation in RSS expansion
fa2dd3d4d  Michael Baum     net/mlx5: remove unused variable in Tx queue creation
856edce2b  Michal Krawczyk  net/ena: fix setting Rx checksum flags in mbuf
00437823c  Mohsin Shaikh    net/mlx5: use open/read/close for ib stats query
9275af3bd  Olivier Matz     examples/fips_validation: fix buffer overflow
f2e8b4556  Ophir Munk       net/mlx5: remove unused includes
9e0d81c1a  Ori Kam          net/mlx5: fix selection between encap and decap
07bfb9047  Pablo de Lara    crypto/aesni_mb: fix CCM digest size check
7392ad06f  Pavan Nikhilesh  app/testpmd: use better randomness for Tx split
cb4261e0b  Pavan Nikhilesh  event/octeontx2: improve datapath memory locality
059a23108  Phil Yang        app/testpmd: enable burst stats for noisy VNF mode
030c21641  Phil Yang        eventdev: relax SMP barriers with C11 atomics
e84d9c62c  Phil Yang        eventdev: remove redundant reset on timer cancel
1028d63eb  Phil Yang        eventdev: use C11 atomics for lcore timer armed flag
d70a869db  Phil Yang        net/ixgbe: fix link state timing on fiber ports
f0617163b  Radu Bulie       mempool/dpaa2: report error on endless loop in mbuf release
6b78a6299  Rahul Lakkireddy net/cxgbe: fix queue DMA ring leaks during port close
207b1c813  Reshma Pattan    test: fix build without ring PMD
76a4ed5b3  Ruifeng Wang     crypto/armv8: fix mempool object returning
42dcd453d  Shiri Kuzin      net/mlx5: fix xstats reset reinitialization
11b58ac70  Shougang Wang    net/i40e: fix filter pctype
da7018ec2  Shougang Wang    net/i40e: fix queue region in RSS flow
3b931ddb5  Shy Shyman       app/testpmd: fix error detection in MTU command
4b029f02d  Somnath Kotur    net/bnxt: fix checking VNIC in shutdown path
97c327178  Somnath Kotur    net/bnxt: fix queue release
1ef8c6290  Stephen Hemminger net/bnxt: remove useless prefetches
7838d3a6a  Stephen Hemminger net/netvsc: check for overflow on packet info from host
a4f53bec7  Stephen Hemminger net/netvsc: do not query VF link state
c6854a412  Stephen Hemminger net/netvsc: fix warning when VF is removed
2786b7bf9  Suanming Mou     net/mlx5: fix secondary process resources release
819d0d1d5  Tao Zhu          net/ixgbe: fix blocking system events
efa8c72f1  Tao Zhu          net/ixgbe: fix link status inconsistencies
d68ab7a9f  Tao Zhu          net/ixgbe: fix resource leak after thread exits normally
e21492a51  Thomas Monjalon  net/mlx: fix overlinking with meson and glue dlopen
ef10add37  Venkat Duvvuru   net/bnxt: fix PF support in SR-IOV mode
482a1d34b  Viacheslav Ovsiienko common/mlx5: fix PCI address lookup
ceccbcd73  Wei Huang        raw/ifpga: use trusted buffer to free
150c9ac2d  Wei Hu (Xavier)  app/testpmd: update Rx offload after setting MTU
2e02a2aff  Wei Hu (Xavier)  ethdev: fix VLAN offloads set if no driver callback
c52ff3668  Wei Zhao         net/i40e: enable QinQ stripping
be4ef2e0d  Wei Zhao         net/i40e: fix flow director enabling
dcfbc594f  Wei Zhao         net/iavf: fix queue interrupt for ice
c21e5facf  Xueming Li       net/mlx5: use bond index for netdev operations
2477be96e  Yunjian Wang     net/bnxt: add memory allocation check in VF info init
9fb9a94ca  Yunjian Wang     net/bnxt: fix memory leak when freeing VF info
24cb500c1  Yunjian Wang     net/tap: fix mbuf double free when writev fails

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