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* [dpdk-stable] 19.11.9 patches review and test - V2
@ 2021-06-04  5:52 Christian Ehrhardt
  2021-06-10  8:48 ` [dpdk-stable] [dpdk-dev] " Christian Ehrhardt
  2021-06-15  3:17 ` [dpdk-stable] " Pei Zhang
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From: Christian Ehrhardt @ 2021-06-04  5:52 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: stable
  Cc: dev, Abhishek Marathe, Akhil Goyal, Ali Alnubani,
	benjamin.walker, David Christensen, hariprasad.govindharajan,
	Hemant Agrawal, Ian Stokes, Jerin Jacob, John McNamara,
	Ju-Hyoung Lee, Kevin Traynor, Luca Boccassi, Pei Zhang, pingx.yu,
	qian.q.xu, Raslan Darawsheh, Thomas Monjalon, yuan.peng,

Hi all,

Here is version 2 of the list of patches targeted for stable release 19.11.9.
Thanks to plenty of helpful developers we've collected a few more backports
by now and sorted out a few rare compile time issues that were found with -rc1.

The planned date for the final release of 19.11.9 is now 18th of June.

Please help with testing and validation of your use cases and report
any issues/results with reply-all to this mail. For the final release
the fixes and reported validations will be added to the release notes.

A release candidate tarball can be found at:

These patches are located at branch 19.11 of dpdk-stable repo:


Christian Ehrhardt <>

Adam Dybkowski (2):
      common/qat: increase IM buffer size for GEN3
      compress/qat: enable compression on GEN3

Ajit Khaparde (3):
      net/bnxt: fix RSS context cleanup
      net/bnxt: fix mismatched type comparison in MAC restore
      net/bnxt: check PCI config read

Alvin Zhang (6):
      net/ice: fix VLAN filter with PF
      net/i40e: fix input set field mask
      net/e1000: fix Rx error counter for bad length
      net/e1000: fix max Rx packet size
      net/ice: fix fast mbuf freeing
      net/iavf: fix VF to PF command failure handling

Anatoly Burakov (3):
      fbarray: fix log message on truncation error
      power: do not skip saving original P-state governor
      power: save original ACPI governor always

Andrew Rybchenko (2):
      net/failsafe: fix RSS hash offload reporting
      net/failsafe: report minimum and maximum MTU

Apeksha Gupta (1):
      examples/l2fwd-crypto: skip masked devices

Arek Kusztal (1):
      crypto/qat: fix offset for out-of-place scatter-gather

Beilei Xing (1):
      net/i40evf: fix packet loss for X722

Bruce Richardson (1):
      build: exclude meson files from examples installation

Chaoyong He (1):
      doc: fix multiport syntax in nfp guide

Chenbo Xia (1):
      examples/vhost: check memory table query

Chengchang Tang (12):
      ethdev: validate input in module EEPROM dump
      ethdev: validate input in register info
      ethdev: validate input in EEPROM info
      net/hns3: fix rollback after setting PVID failure
      examples: add eal cleanup to examples
      net/bonding: fix adding itself as its slave
      app/testpmd: fix max queue number for Tx offloads
      net/tap: fix interrupt vector array size
      net/bonding: fix socket ID check
      net/tap: check ioctl on restore
      net/hns3: fix HW buffer size on MTU update
      net/hns3: fix processing Tx offload flags

Chengwen Feng (24):
      net/hns3: fix flow counter value
      net/hns3: fix VF mailbox head field
      net/hns3: support get device version when dump register
      test: check thread creation
      common/dpaax: fix possible null pointer access
      examples/ethtool: remove unused parsing
      net/e1000/base: fix timeout for shadow RAM write
      mbuf: check shared memory before dumping dynamic space
      eventdev: remove redundant thread name setting
      eventdev: fix memory leakage on thread creation failure
      net/kni: check init result
      net/hns3: fix mailbox error message
      net/hns3: remove unused mailbox macro and struct
      net/bonding: fix leak on remove
      net/i40e: fix negative VEB index
      net/i40e: remove redundant VSI check in Tx queue setup
      net/hns3: log time delta in decimal format
      net/hns3: remove unused macros
      net/hns3: remove unused VMDq code
      raw/ntb: check SPAD user index
      raw/ntb: check memory allocations
      ipc: check malloc sync reply result
      eal: fix service core list parsing
      net/hns3: fix handling link update

Christian Ehrhardt (3):
      vfio: fix stdbool usage without include
      kni: fix compilation on SLES15-SP3
      version: 19.11.9-rc1

Ciara Loftus (1):
      net/af_xdp: fix error handling during Rx queue setup

Conor Walsh (1):
      examples/l3fwd: fix LPM IPv6 subnets

Dapeng Yu (2):
      net/e1000: remove MTU setting limitation
      examples/packet_ordering: fix port configuration

David Christensen (1):
      config/ppc: reduce number of cores and NUMA nodes

David Harton (1):
      net/ena: fix releasing Tx ring mbufs

David Marchand (2):
      doc: fix sphinx rtd theme import in GHA
      service: clean references to removed symbol

Dmitry Kozlyuk (1):
      net/pcap: fix format string

Ed Czeck (2):
      net/ark: update packet director initial state
      net/ark: refactor Rx buffer recovery

Feifei Wang (1):
      net/i40e: fix parsing packet type for NEON

Ferruh Yigit (3):
      power: remove duplicated symbols from map file
      log/linux: make default output stderr
      license: fix typos

Guoyang Zhou (1):
      net/hinic: fix crash in secondary process

Haiyue Wang (1):
      net/ixgbe: fix Rx errors statistics for UDP checksum

Harman Kalra (1):
      event/octeontx2: fix device reconfigure for single slot

Hemant Agrawal (3):
      ethdev: add missing buses in device iterator
      crypto/dpaa2_sec: fix close and uninit functions
      crypto/dpaa_sec: affine the thread portal affinity

Hongbo Zheng (4):
      app/testpmd: fix Tx/Rx descriptor query error log
      net/hns3: fix FLR miss detection
      net/hns3: delete redundant blank line
      bpf: fix JSLT validation

Huisong Li (8):
      net/hns3: fix flow control exception
      app/testpmd: fix bitmap of link speeds when force speed
      net/hns3: fix flow control mode
      net/hns3: fix DCB mode check
      net/hns3: fix VMDq mode check
      app/testpmd: fix forward lcores number for DCB
      app/testpmd: fix DCB forwarding configuration
      app/testpmd: fix DCB re-configuration

Ibtisam Tariq (1):
      examples/vhost_crypto: remove unused short option

Igor Russkikh (2):
      net/qede: reduce log verbosity
      net/qede: accept bigger RSS table

Ilya Maximets (1):
      net/virtio: fix interrupt unregistering for listening socket

Ivan Malov (1):
      net: fix comment in IPv6 header

Jiawei Zhu (1):
      net/mlx5: fix Rx segmented packets on mbuf starvation

Jiayu Hu (1):
      vhost: fix queue initialization

Juraj Linkeš (1):
      eal/arm64: fix platform register bit

Kai Ji (1):
      test/crypto: fix auth-cipher compare length in OOP

Kalesh AP (25):
      net/bnxt: remove unused macro
      net/bnxt: fix VNIC configuration
      net/bnxt: fix FW readiness check during recovery
      net/bnxt: fix device readiness check
      net/bnxt: fix HWRM and FW incompatibility handling
      net/bnxt: fix PCI write check
      net/bnxt: fix link state operations
      net/bnxt: fix configuring LRO
      net/bnxt: fix health check alarm cancellation
      net/bnxt: remove unnecessary forward declarations
      net/bnxt: remove unused function parameters
      net/bnxt: fix single PF per port check
      net/bnxt: prevent device access in error state
      net/bnxt: fix build failures after merging patches
      net/bnxt: drop unused attribute
      net/bnxt: fix double free in port start failure
      net/bnxt: fix firmware fatal error handling
      net/bnxt: fix memory allocation for command response
      net/bnxt: fix timesync when PTP is not supported
      net/bnxt: fix VF info allocation
      net/bnxt: fix PTP support for Thor
      net/bnxt: fix xstats get
      net/bnxt: fix Rx descriptor status
      net/bnxt: reset filter indices on free
      net/bnxt: fix ring count calculation for Thor

Kevin Traynor (1):
      test/cmdline: fix inputs array

Lance Richardson (6):
      net/bnxt: fix Rx queue count
      net/bnxt: fix Rx buffer posting
      net/bnxt: fix Tx length hint threshold
      net/bnxt: fix handling of null flow mask
      test: fix TCP header initialization
      net/bnxt: fix dynamic VNIC count

Luc Pelletier (2):
      eal: fix race in control thread creation
      eal: fix hang in control thread creation

Marvin Liu (4):
      vhost: fix split ring potential buffer overflow
      vhost: fix packed ring potential buffer overflow
      vhost: fix batch dequeue potential buffer overflow
      vhost: fix initialization of temporary header

Min Hu (Connor) (13):
      net/hns3: fix MTU config complexity
      net/hns3: update HiSilicon copyright syntax
      examples/ptpclient: remove wrong comment
      test/bpf: fix error message
      doc: fix HiSilicon copyright syntax
      net/hns3: remove unused macros
      net/hns3: remove unused macro
      app/eventdev: fix overflow in lcore list parsing
      test/kni: fix a comment
      test/kni: check init result
      net/hns3: fix typos on comments
      net/e1000: fix flow error message object
      app/bbdev: fix HARQ error messages

Murphy Yang (1):
      net/ixgbe: fix RSS RETA being reset after port start

Natanael Copa (5):
      common/dpaax/caamflib: fix build with musl
      bus/dpaa: fix 64-bit arch detection
      bus/dpaa: fix build with musl
      net/cxgbe: remove use of uint type
      app/testpmd: fix build with musl

Nipun Gupta (1):
      bus/dpaa: fix statistics reading

Nithin Dabilpuram (2):
      vfio: do not merge contiguous areas
      vfio: fix DMA mapping granularity for IOVA as VA

Olivier Matz (1):
      test/mempool: fix object initializer

Pavan Nikhilesh (1):
      test/event: fix timeout accuracy

Qi Zhang (5):
      net/ice/base: fix payload indicator on ptype
      net/ice/base: cleanup filter list on error
      net/ice/base: fix memory allocation for MAC addresses
      net/iavf: fix TSO max segment size
      common/iavf: use pad byte to specify MAC type

Raslan Darawsheh (1):
      ethdev: update flow item GTP QFI definition

Richael Zhuang (2):
      test/power: add delay before checking CPU frequency
      test/power: round CPU frequency to check

Robin Zhang (5):
      net/i40e: announce request queue capability in PF
      net/i40e: fix lack of MAC type when set MAC address
      net/iavf: fix lack of MAC type when set MAC address
      net/iavf: fix primary MAC type when starting port
      net/i40e: fix primary MAC type when starting port

Rohit Raj (2):
      net/dpaa2: fix getting link status
      examples/l2fwd-crypto: fix packet length while decryption

Roy Shterman (1):
      mem: fix freeing segments in --huge-unlink mode

Satheesh Paul (1):
      net/octeontx2: fix VLAN filter

Shijith Thotton (1):
      eventdev: fix case to initiate crypto adapter service

Siwar Zitouni (1):
      net/ice: fix disabling promiscuous mode

Somnath Kotur (4):
      net/bnxt: fix Rx and Tx timestamps
      net/bnxt: fix Tx timestamp init
      net/bnxt: refactor multi-queue Rx configuration
      net/bnxt: fix Rx timestamp when FIFO pending bit is set

Stanislaw Kardach (4):
      test: proceed if timer subsystem already initialized
      stack: allow lock-free only on relevant architectures
      test/distributor: fix worker notification in burst mode
      test/distributor: fix burst flush on worker quit

Stephen Hemminger (1):
      net/bnxt: use prefix on global function

Tal Shnaiderman (1):
      eal/windows: fix default thread priority

Thinh Tran (1):
      test: fix autotest handling of skipped tests

Thomas Monjalon (8):
      eal: fix comment of OS-specific header files
      buildtools: fix build with busybox
      build: detect execinfo library on Linux
      examples/bbdev: fix header include for musl
      app: fix exit messages
      doc: fix names of UIO drivers
      doc: fix build with Sphinx 4
      drivers/net: check process type in close operation

Tyler Retzlaff (1):
      eal: add C++ include guard for reciprocal header

Vadim Podovinnikov (1):
      net/bonding: fix LACP system address check

Venkat Duvvuru (1):
      net/bnxt: fix queues per VNIC

Viacheslav Ovsiienko (8):
      net/mlx5: fix metadata item validation for ingress flows
      net/mlx5: fix Rx metadata leftovers
      net/mlx4: fix RSS action with null hash key
      app/testpmd: fix segment number check
      net/mlx5: remove drop queue function prototypes
      net/mlx4: fix buffer leakage on device close
      net/mlx5: fix probing device in legacy bonding mode
      net/mlx5: fix drop action for Direct Rules/Verbs

Wenjun Wu (1):
      net/ice: check some functions return

Wenwu Ma (1):
      net/ice: fix illegal access when removing MAC filter

Xiao Wang (1):
      vdpa/ifc: check PCI config read

Xiaoyu Min (1):
      net/mlx5: support RSS expansion for IPv6 GRE

Xiaoyun Li (2):
      app/testpmd: remove unnecessary UDP tunnel check
      net/i40e: fix IPv4 fragment offload

Xueming Li (1):
      net/virtio: fix vectorized Rx queue rearm

Youri Querry (1):
      bus/fslmc: fix random portal hangs with qbman 5.0

Yunjian Wang (2):
      vfio: fix API description
      vfio: fix duplicated user mem map

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