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From: Kevin Traynor <>
To: dpdk stable <>
Cc: Andrew Rybchenko <>,
	Anoob Joseph <>,
	Arek Kusztal <>,
	Bruce Richardson <>,
	Chaoyong He <>,
	Chengwen Feng <>,
	Conor Walsh <>,
	Dariusz Sosnowski <>,
	David Marchand <>,
	Daxue Gao <>,
	Fan Zhang <>,
	Harman Kalra <>,
	Jasvinder Singh <>,
	Jerin Jacob <>, Li Zhang <>,
	Louis Peens <>,
	Matan Azrad <>,
	Maxime Coquelin <>,
	Morten Brørup <>,
	Niklas Söderlund <>,
	Nithin Dabilpuram <>,
	Pavan Nikhilesh <>,
	Peng Zhang <>,
	Rahul Lakkireddy <>,
	Stanislaw Kardach <>,
	Stephen Hemminger <>,
	Sunil Kumar Kori <>,
	Timothy McDaniel <>,
	Viacheslav Ovsiienko <>,
	Walter Heymans <>,
	Yajun Wu <>, Luca Boccassi <>
Subject: please help backporting some patches to stable release 21.11.2
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2022 17:31:08 +0100
Message-ID: <> (raw)

Hi commit authors (and maintainers),

Despite being selected by the DPDK maintenance tool ./devtools/
I didn't apply following commits from DPDK main to 21.11
stable branch, as conflicts or build errors occur.

Can authors check your patches in the following list and either:
    - Backport your patches to the 21.11 branch, or
    - Indicate that the patch should not be backported

Please do either of the above by 07/01/22.

You can find the a temporary work-in-progress branch of the coming 21.11.2
release at:
It is recommended to backport on top of that to minimize further conflicts or

Some notes on stable backports:

A backport should contain a reference to the DPDK main branch commit
in it's commit message in the following fashion:
    [ upstream commit <commit's dpdk main branch SHA-1 checksum> ]

For example:

When sending the backported patch, please indicate the target branch in the
subject line, as we have multiple branches, for example:
    [PATCH 21.11] foo/bar: fix baz

With git format-patch, this can be achieved by appending the parameter:
    --subject-prefix='PATCH 21.11'

Send the backported patch to "" but not "".

FYI, branch 21.11 is located at tree:



These commits have non-trivial conflicts while applying to 21.11 branch:
4c1a91b21f  Arek Kusztal     crypto/qat: fix cleanup function default behaviour
5b4d317d83  Arek Kusztal     crypto/qat: fix missing copy guards in asym mod
d2fa2632a4  Dariusz Sosnowski net/mlx5: fix RSS hash types adjustment
a31c9f970d  David Marchand   net/cnxk: fix crash in IPsec telemetry
6cef22dcfe  Harman Kalra     net/cnxk: fix PFC class disabling
6f065d1539  Li Zhang         vdpa/mlx5: fix maximum number of virtqs
b2c5ff1bd9  Nithin Dabilpuram common/cnxk: fix mbox structs to avoid unaligned access
14124e48a3  Nithin Dabilpuram net/cnxk: fix hotplug detach for first device
e2819fea94  Nithin Dabilpuram net/cnxk: fix multi-segment extraction in vwqe path
2e668c547f  Nithin Dabilpuram net/cnxk: fix roundup size with transport mode
417be15e5f  Peng Zhang       net/nfp: make sure MTU is never larger than mbuf size
694c75e8e3  Rahul Lakkireddy test/crypto: fix build with optimization=1
c65e343c14  Stanislaw Kardach ci: enable C++ check for Arm and PPC
f75dd6d3b1  Stanislaw Kardach config: fix C++ cross compiler for Arm and PPC
174f2f3512  Sunil Kumar Kori common/cnxk: add PFC support for VF
95af59b7ad  Yajun Wu         vdpa/mlx5: workaround VAR offset within page

These commits apply cleanly to 21.11 branch but cause build errors:
aa802b1023  Bruce Richardson dma/idxd: fix AVX2 in non-datapath functions
(^ commit causes build error on OBS CentOS7. No need to rework, can take
when fix arives on DPDK main)

14124e48a3  Nithin Dabilpuram net/cnxk: fix hotplug detach for first device
485df8847a  Chengwen Feng    ethdev: clarify null location case in xstats get
45a192b2b4  Stephen Hemminger sched: fix floating point math
87ecdd9e7f  Timothy McDaniel event/dlb2: improve enqueue efficiency

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