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* [dpdk-dev] [PATCH v1 00/38] net/mvpp2: misc updates
@ 2020-12-02 10:11 lironh
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From: lironh @ 2020-12-02 10:11 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: jerinj; +Cc: dev, Liron Himi

From: Liron Himi <lironh@marvell.com>

This patch series align the mainline driver with all changes since 19.11
some of the patches are fixes which should be pushed to stable

Dana Vardi (5):
  net/mvpp2: change dsa_mode naming
  net/mvpp2: support custom header before ethernet
  net/mvpp2: forward bad packets support
  net/mvpp2: update qos defaults parameter name
  net/mvpp2: add fill_bpool_buffs to cfg file

Liron Himi (21):
  net/mvpp2: remove debug log on fast-path
  net/mvpp2: skip vlan flush
  net/mvpp2: remove CRC len from MRU validation
  net/mvpp2: fix frame size checking
  net/mvpp2: reduce prints on rx path
  net/mvpp2: only use ol_flags for checksum generation offload
  net/mvpp2: add dsa mode support
  net/mvpp2: adjust the number of unicast address
  net/mvpp2: replace 'qos_cfg' with 'cfg'
  net/mvpp2: flow: support generic pattern combinations
  net/mvpp2: flow: build table key along with rule
  net/mvpp2: flow: add support for RAW type
  net/mvpp2: skip qos init if not requested
  net/mvpp2: move common functions to common location
  net/mvpp2: support udf configuration
  net/mvpp2: rearrange functions order
  net/mvpp2: dummy pool creation
  net/mvpp2: propagate port-id in udata64
  net/mvpp2: expose max mtu size
  net/mvpp2: apply flow-ctrl after port init
  net/mvpp2: consider ptype in cksum info

Meir Levi (1):
  net/mvpp2: add support of LINK_SPEED_2_5G

Yuri Chipchev (11):
  net/mvpp2: fix stack corruption
  net/mvpp2: fix rx/tx bytes statistics
  net/mvpp2: rss reservation
  net/mvpp2: extend xstats support
  net/mvpp2: cosmetic changes to cookie usage
  net/mvpp2: align checking order
  net/mvpp2: save initial configuration
  net/mvpp2: add loopback support
  net/mvpp2: add vlan offload support
  net/mvpp2: add TX flow control
  net/mvpp2: autoneg disable handling

 drivers/net/mvpp2/mrvl_ethdev.c |  758 +++++++++++----
 drivers/net/mvpp2/mrvl_ethdev.h |   83 +-
 drivers/net/mvpp2/mrvl_flow.c   | 1522 +++++++------------------------
 drivers/net/mvpp2/mrvl_qos.c    |  400 ++++++--
 drivers/net/mvpp2/mrvl_qos.h    |   21 +-
 5 files changed, 1317 insertions(+), 1467 deletions(-)


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